Aeros 2.3.1 : Quantize to Measure Gone

My Aeros just updated to 2.3.1. When I create a New Song, “Quantize to Measure” is no longer an option. “Sync Tracks” is also missing. There is no “Backing Track” menu item either. I see only the following:
Song Name
Time Signature
Count In
Number of Tracks

How do I find the other items?

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I encountered the same issue in the update. I can’t quantize my loops with my Beatbuddy. Is this going to be fixed soon?

Quantize measure is on by default. We removed the feature to avoid confusion while we contiue working on freeform mode. Once that’s added you see these options reappear.

This shouldn’t impact quantization with BeatBuddy as it’ll play just like it used to.

Sync tracks feature isn’t available yet. This feature will force all tracks to be multiples of each other (so if you record the first track 3 measures long, second track needs to be 1, 3, 6, etc measures long) – without this feature, you everything will still stay synced if you just record the tracks to be multiples of each other

Backing track is also under development hence the removal of the menu option. We’re already testing 2.4.1 internally so stay tuned updates are coming soon!

Okay, well, let me explain what is happening since the update.

I am using 2x2 with a one bar count in.

When I record a loop of 4 bars, and press the BB to transition, everything is the same as before the update.

When I press to transition back is where I am seeing a difference. I am not being taken to the beginning of the first loop. If I guess, I would say I’m about 1 bar to 1 beat off (I’ll have to study it more to be sure), but, it is not lined up with BB anymore.

Then, if I stop the BB with a double press and then start it again, everything lines back up again.

I agree that it probably Quantized to the beat, but it seems to be missing a beat or two in the transitions.

It stood out pretty strongly to me because I was working on a song just before the update that, after the update, I can’t perform because the transitions are not “right”.

If you haven’t heard of this issue from anyone else, I’ll double check it tonight to make sure it isn’t something I’m doing wrong.

I was able to try it again and it worked perfectly. So, unless someone else has this issue, you can close this issue for me.

Hmmm, yeah we haven’t had any reported issues along these lines. If you catch something again, try to pull out the phone a get a quick video, that can help the devs big time in catching what’s going on. I’ll leave this for the devs to look at just incase it’s an intermittent issue that they can catch.

Anyone else having trouble with the Quantize-to-Bar function? I updated to the latest firmware last night, and mine is still not working.

With BeatBuddy going, I press record on the Aeros in the middle of a measure. Aeros is not waiting until the first beat of the next measure to start.

Any suggestions?

I haven’t encountered this bug. When I press record the Aeros always waits until the next bar begins before recording. This may be something In your settings?

just got my aeros, and it seems great but need feature to stop recording and start trcording on measure of bar and this does not occur

I have set it up so that midi clock syncs with beat buddy, but I dont want it to start and stop recording with beatbuddy, want to use aeros pedals manually but quantization on measure is not occurring

how is this fixed ?? regards Gavin

Actually worked out that it is quantized but once 1st recording started

It would be nice to have the rolling bars/ beats running and the first s push of record commenced at the start of next measure ( similar to what happens once recording already under way but also a prerecording screen that shows beats being sent from beat buddy to aeros so that you can prime the start of recording to 1st beat of next oncoming bar)

otherwise its great.
regards gavin

Got my Aeros yesterday. I am a little concerned that features used in your marketing are not available on the unit. If I would have known that you can freeform a loop I would have stuck with my Boss.

When will it be available?

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Developers tell me it’ll be implemented in 3-4 weeks, but I’d give it 2 months to be safe.

Aeros won’t delete a track. I mute and them hold, but nothing. Surely you can delete a track without starting the song over. It will randomly work, but not often.


I got mine today, no freeform record. After reading this can I assume it’s not me? Just a feature that isn’t implemented? Kinda pisses as this is a bread and butter issue for me!!!

It’s not just you. They took it away with the last update. They have a new update coming next week, but I don’t think it includes freeform. I agree that’s a big feature to have missing.

Hi , i have just done the update and my aeros does note wait to sync with the beatbuddy anymore when i press the play stop all button . This very frustrating as i can no longer play live with it . Please dont say wait for the fix as you guys dont fix thing in a hurry . Can i return the original program to the aeros ?

This is crazy , i did the same and now my looper has gone to sxxt . I preferred the old setup