Aeros 3.5.1 aux and main out seperation issue

Hi, it seems that my aeros looper isn’t keeping the aux output loop playback separate from my main outputs. it sounds proper when I am recording but once the loop plays back I am getting sounds from my aux outputs in my main outputs even though I have them separated in my settings.

Anyone else getting this issue?

Problem only started after new firmware install yesterday.


Hi there,

Strange you are claiming this ability because this is not possible with the Aeros on the current 3.4.2 (or any previous) firmware.

The Aeros currently only has 1 Stereo or Mono track for the Loop Playback signal. This means all 4 possible inputs (Main L+R and Aux In L+R) are writing to a stereo 2-track. This possibly can change with a firmware update, we know a more complex audio routing/writing system is possible, but we do not know to what extent that entails just yet.

If you have experienced separated audio, it may be you were recording in stereo, playing back in stereo, using the L+R ins and outs.

Thank you for your question, let me know if there’s something I’m missing here!