Aeros 6x6 mode

I want use only the first track with 3…4 parts in 6x6 mode, because I have more as 2 parts…
I finish the song…all good.
But when I want used it on stage (or open the song normal) it will be everytime change the active track to the second track (or the next empty track)! So I must be careful all the time that track 1 is active and it is not change the active track . Otherwise it will be start recording the new track when I want play the first or a part ? it possible to stop this change? why it change the active track automatically and not by using the switch (middle)
Can help anybody?

I think you mix the tracks and the parts?
What you mean is that when open a song , it start to the second Part?
And you need to press the switch to start at the first part ?

When you open a song and the song open at the second part, I guess (but not sure) that the reason is that you saved the song with the second part actived (when you ending)
Maybe try to open the song and set the part at the first one(with the switch)
and save the song with the first part engaged to start

Thanks for the answer,
it was a mistake…not the 2. part is open…the 2.track is activated with the green point…
In this case I must be careful to use the right button, because then I start to recording the 2.track.
I saw now that the active track also change when I use the left button (part select)…in right way to track one.
I start the song with BB.
The parts cant be change with BB…
May later I will all doing with MM…but in this moment I have it here…
Ali Alster

To clarify, are you saying you have a pre-recorded part(s) (saved from a previous time) and you want to begin your song without recording?

Hey there, have you tried just using the top-left button (Play / Stop All) to start a song without starting a recording?

If you do not need the second track, you can just avoid pressing the RPO button (right)

If you would like to select track 1 again, you just need to tap the Next Track button (middle) twice to cancel the recording and select track 1

The Aeros automatically selects the next empty track when transitioning parts in 6x6, since usually users want to record more when transitioning into the part.

The Aeros automatically starts a recording when the track is selected to allow for less button pressing when starting new recordings on the next open track, this may be changed with a setting later but this is not a priority.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

hi-thanks for the answer!
I understand cause its working so…and I must be carefully when I use it in an other way…
So may I have to make 2 steps more, but it will be routine.
I must be careful to dstroyed the saved song again.
greetings from India!..(my last 10 days here)
on namah shivaya
Ali Alster

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Hope you can make the most of what the Aeros has to offer!

One problem I have…now I havent no MM here
and so I can only change the saved songs by hand
. Its very unconfortable…may you can add an modus to go to the main menu (or direct to song menu) …may with a double click or two buttons simultaneously?
Om namah shivaya
Ali Alster

We will have better Hands-free navigation coming to the Aeros very soon, it is already being worked on internally.

For now there is not much we can do to help here. I will say that holding the Play Stop all button while a song is empty will return you to the Home Screen.

If you have a BeatBuddy, we are working on a new version for it that will allow it to open songs on the Aeros using MIDI song select.

Stay tuned, thanks for the feedback!

Hi Namastě
it sounds very good!..Im very hopeful and wish good results for your work.Its my last week in India…on next monday I’ll go back to germany…
I wish all the best.
Om namah shivaya