Aeros always will save loops?

Hi does it always the aeros in order to loop you got to make a new file? i cant just loop with no saving anything on the looper? everytime that i want to do a new loop it ask me to save its name before going ahead. any light here please?

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Hey there, if you don’t care to save the song, you can hold the Start / Stop All button while the Aeros is stopped, this will clear the song so you can start a new one.

yes i know but i always have to be doing that in each live in a live performance? isnt there an option to not save every loop we create? at the end of the show for time management i end up with 20 plus songs i have to delete one by one.

There is no other way to currently do this, we plan on adding a clear song command, which could speed the process up, but you must always either clear the song or add a new song. Adding a new song without saving doesn’t delete the old song. Perhaps this could be improved, but this is not currently a priority, we have had a request for a “Sandbox” mode where nothing is saved when you make new songs, or something to that effect.