Aeros and a Temple Audio Board

Hey all - wondering if anyone uses an Aeros with a Temple Audio pedal board?

They’ve got kind of a unique “pegboard” type design where you affix adhesive backing plates to your pedals that can then be screwed securely into the board.

They’re pretty incredible boards for modularity and portability, but the Aeros’ slanted back provides a challenge. The angle seems just sharp enough to really prevent the adhesive from making a permanent attachment, it’s always ended up sliding off after some time in my couple of attempts.

Anyone else in this very unique situation? Or maybe have a DIY idea about how this could be addressed?

Lemme know if this could be more clear. And here’s my board:

I have the large backing plate on my Aeros for my Temple. It’s a tiny bit wobbly, but not to the point of it being a problem. The adhesive seems to have stuck just fine.

Yep and love it. Very tidy.