Aeros and BB lost sync when starting after v5 update

Hi all, I need a little help here :thinking:
I have songs on my Aeros that I made myself and use as backing tracks.

Prior to v5 update, I started my BB alone first to be able to make an intro and THEN, started the Aeros manually. The Aeros was waiting the 1rst beat of next measure to start and be perfectly in sync with the BB which was perfect.

Now, after the Aeros v5 update (and I didn’t change any settings on my BB), the Aeros starts right away as I press start on it, it doesn’t wait the 1rst beat of next measure anymore and is out of sync. This is particularly annoying when I want to modify my backing track and record new things.

There must have been a reset of an option on the Aeros somewhere during the update to v5 but I cannot figure what and where. I tried several options but don’t find it back. Would someone have a clue where to look ?

Hi there,

Please review the known issues in 5.0.3 and make sure it is not already there, we will fix these all in the next version

If you are having a different experience please reach out to so they can help you further

Thanks for reporting!

Seeing all the problems with 5.x, I waited a long time before upgrading. I upgraded last week and indeed my Aeros is now v5.0.3. Thanks for pointing out what was wrong, it’s indeed related.

Each time there is an update, I hesitate to press the update button, praying all will be fine afterwards, reason why I waited so long before upgrading. Now, I appreciate the efforts made by the developers to bring more and more functionalities, other big companies don’t provide such updates.
But in my opinion, the testing team does not do a good job. Professional musicians are using those devices, you cannot rely on the community to be the testers.

My Aeros does not work as intended right now. Do you have an ETA for next patch ?

If the bug is reported it can’t be fair to blame the testers, they did find the bug. We made a decision to release 5.0.3 despite the bug given there are plenty of other features and use cases there where users do not experience issues, and we knew more feedback would come in as it went live. We apologize for any inconvenience this brought you.

It is not always possible to cover all use cases, there is always the potential for things to break, even with ‘living’ and complex products like Pro Tools (which has a similar update model to us).

The next update will be out soon, it is already in testing

Thanks for your feedback

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“It is not always possible to cover all use cases”

It’s only true if you test things manually, in a degree. The testers should find a way to implement automated testing in my opinion, I feel they don’t use it. Each feature should be covered by automated tests (scenarios typically), ensuring that new developments don’t break previously existing functionalities.
It’s true that there is always a window for bugs, we are humans after all but the more tests they automate, the more scenarios will be covered, the less bugs at the end :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback on the release of the patch, I appreciate it.