Aeros and beatbuddy start intro

Is it possible to start aeros play after intro of beatbuddy?
At this moment, when i start beatbuddy intro…the aeros start the first track…immediatly

Thank you to give me a solution or is it possible to create a midi control clock in the futur update


Hey there,

there are different ways to make this happen, if you always wanted to wait one measure, you can set the Aeros to count in for one bar in the song settings.

If this is not perfect for your set up, you can also set the Aeros to only playback when it receives the midi start command. The BB sends this at the start of the first part. You can set this in the Aeros device settings in the Main Menu.

What will happen is the Aeros will enter a scrolling mode, where it is following the BeatBuddy, but it will not start recording until you set up a recording.