Aeros and Maestro Part Labeling

Hello! Quick question regarding the Midi Maestro and the Aeros functionality. I currently own a Aeros. I do NOT own a beat buddy and am not intending on incorporating this into my setup; however I am looking further into the connectivity of how the Maestro can enhance the Aeros’ functionality.

I had previously posted in the Aeros section of the forum my desire to have a “Labeling System” in place on the Aeros to keep our parts and tracks organized. It seems this is not a priority to Singular Sound as they have not mentioned or addressed the topic since my first e-mail sent to them back in 2019.

Here is a link to the original topic on Aeros Labeling:

So I recently have thought maybe connecting a Maestro to the Aeros would perhaps allow me to label the Parts on the Aeros? I noticed one function of the Maestro when connected to the Aeros is the ability to switch to any song part without having to scroll through them as you normally do when using the Aeros stand-alone. On the pictures I’ve seen it’s labeled “Song Part 1, Song Part 2…” .

Is it possibly to re-name these on the Maestro so instead of saying Song Part 1, Song Part 2 I could set it up as “Intro, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Outro” or anything else I decide? This would be so helpful to me as I have many songs completed on the Aeros and each song has a different order of Parts I need to switch around between during performance. Having them labeled would make it so much easier rather than just looking at the Dots on the left of the screen of the Aeros which gives zero indication as to what parts are what.

Also- If it is possible to label the song parts on the Maestro, would the labels I assign automatically switch with each song I load on the Aeros? Pretend I create two different songs on the Aeros. One song is only two Parts and I labeled Song Part 1 as “Verse” and Song Part 2 as “Chorus”. Then I create another song with three sections and I label the Maestro with Song Part 1 “Intro” , Song Part 2 “Main”, Song Part 3 “Outro”. Would the Maestro be able to save these settings assigned to each song and load them up as I load the songs on the Aeros?

I am searching for a way to keep track of all the Parts on the songs I create on the Aeros. I don’t think Singular Sound views this as a big deal so they have not addressed it. Perhaps in the future they may look into it and hopefully implement some system on the Aeros so that it can be used Stand-alone. If the Maestro is able to achieve this function currently then it may be worth it to me to invest in one.

Please let me know if this is possible. Thanks!

-Jason (Dayton, OH)

Custom mode will let you use whatever labels you want on the Maestro.

That would be great to create custom labels. Would I be able to make custom labels for each song I create on the Aeros? Can I create multiple presets on the Maestro and save them? I’d like to create 50+ custom song labels and save and name each preset I create on the Maestro where I could load them up at the same time I load the song on the Aeros so the labels match each song.

I suppose it’d be much nicer if the preset labels could automatically pull up when you load a song on the Aeros, but even just being able to manually load the song on the Aeros and also load the matching song labels on the Maestro would be better than no labels at all.

Hey there, the way the MIDI Maestro app works, is that you must first create the custom mode and then upload it to the MM, the MM is only capable of holding one custom command at a time.
The time it would take for you to switch from song to song would make this method too time-consuming.

I hate to rain on parades, but this labeling system you have suggested for the Aeros is just too cumbersome an addition to a UX that is already very full. We understand that it can be difficult to remember the exact part, but your suggestion will not be a viable route for us to do this. The track clocks cannot be obscured by a letter and the mixer cannot be made smaller to make room for labels without sacrificing functionality on screen for users that use their hands to control it. Not to mention that we are soon adding more functionality to the mixer screen.

There may be another way to solve this, but unfortunately we don’t believe this is the way, but thank you so much for this in depth suggestion.