Aeros and MIDI Maestro concern

Hey, so I just updated my Aeros a little while ago and I have the MIDI Maestro connected in the MIDI out. When I record something and play through what I recorded and then I transition to the next part, it starts recording a new progression which before it never did that. Also, when I transition through the beat buddy, it doesn’t do it. Is this a feature that I can remove or is this a bug?

Hey, so I haven’t heard back from you guys about the issue I’m dealing with. And I have a gig this weekend. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Just throwing something out there so this doesn’t go completely unaddressed. Do you have both Recording and Playback checked in the Aeros options for MIDI In Start? If you do, you should be able to uncheck recording and then it won’t start recording onto a new track automatically. If it’s only an issue with the MM, then it’s gotta be an issue with the MIDI next part command you’re using. Just a thought.


Yeah I checked the settings in the aeros and it’s set to playback only. Like I said, when I transition with the beat buddy pedal it won’t record the next part and when I use the MM, it records something else. So it has be most likely and issue with the next part command in the MM. Any way this can be fixed?

Is the Maestro bios up to date also? Just checking.

Yes, I updated it just the other day.

Only thing I can suggest is to go into the app and see what actual MIDI command is being sent from the MM to the Aeros when you choose to transition to the next part. Compare it to the spreadsheet and if necessary, re-create the command with the correct values. Not sure what else to try.

Hello there, I do not believe I understand your issue here

The Aeros always starts recording if it receives a next part command and it transitions to an empty part. The Aeros cannot transition to a part that has nothing recorded to it without starting a recording.

What version were you on before? You are definitely on version 4.1.5?

If you are trying to transition to an empty Aeros part while it is playing back without starting a recording, that is not possible.

If you are seeing the Aeros respond to a transition command that it is not supposed to please let me know, and try out what the above poster suggested, verify the commands you are sending are what they should be.

I will need some more info and possibly some steps to follow in order to better understand what’s happening, a video would help a lot also (unlisted youtube videos work very well for this…

Maybe I won’t be much help for this gig but hopefully for the next.

Thanks for reporting