Aeros and songs with more than one set of chords?

I’ve seen a few loopers (never bought one) but was wondering now that I want to get into it a bit more. How does one get around looping for songs that have different chords/bass for chorus and vs and even bridge?
I’m a keys player who plays bass line live (left hand bass) and keys and synths right hand. Not that that makes any difference to the question haha1

Just need to get a general feel for the aeros. Was also looking at things like the Boss RC 505 and Infinity etc etc.

Just wondering if the lack of response (apart from a weird admin request to edit innocuous detail) is me, the question or the time difference?

With the Boomerang III you have 3 separate “tracks” out of the box. You can configure the bonus button to be a 4th track if you have the side car (which gives you first class access to start/stop/stack etc)

So for example, we do Wanted Dead or Alive. The Intro goes on track 1, the verse goes on track 2, the chorus goes on track 3. The BB tempo syncs to the Boomerang on the quarter note to keep everything in time. The second verse I layer on the bass (via guitar + octave). It’s just a matter of triggering the loops to start/stop/transition at the right time.

Other times I might only need a loop for the solo. So I’ll just play guitar and loop the verse or chorus, whatever it is that I need to have behind the lead line, and not loop the rest of the parts.

It IS nice when there’s a song that it basically the same throughout (like Creep or All Along the Watchtower), but it would be really limiting if that was the only option for looping.

The Aeros also supports multiple tracks, so I would expect the workflow to be very similar.

Nice! thanks much.

Aeros seems to have been especially designed for people who want to play songs with different chord progressions in different sections (intro, verse, chorus etc.). 6x6 mode lets you record up to six separate song ‘parts’, each of which could correspond to a song section. And each part can have up to six separate ‘tracks’ playing simultaneously, whereas my impression is that for other higher-end stompbox loopers, the more tracks you devote specifically to sequential play, the fewer you can devote specifically to simultaneous play (I could be wrong on this point).

oh cool, that’s good to know - Beatbuddy, Aeros and Midi Maestro should all arrive by end of week so I can try it all out…good to get these little tidbits beforehand though!

This guy is great for all things loop related.

The Aeros in 6x6 mode can be quite a beast, then adding BB and MM even more so - suggest using 2 x 2 mode to start and build up from there.

Happy looping.

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The Aeros has been the easiest of the three loopers I’ve owned.

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Hey there,

great question!

There are many different ways to go about this but I think the easiest is to:

  1. Record track 1, when finished with the recording don’t commit the track, switch to part 2
  2. This will automatically commit the track in part 1 and not play it back, immediately recording track 1 in part 2
  3. You can do this for all sections of your song, thus playing through the sections without playing back any loops (yet)
  4. Go back to part 1 and start adding your layers, and do the same for each part

This is just one possible workflow, and it can be tweaked to achieve all sorts of scenarios

Let me know if this is helpful :slight_smile:

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I’ll give it a try, thanks! It’s all a bit overwhelming at the moment, not ever having used loopers. And also trying to integrate all three devices. There’s a couple of good videos around so just need to keep making time to study them :slight_smile:

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