Aeros - Are there plans to allow tempo change after song creation (tap tempo, time stretching)?

I am hoping for the ability to change tempos of previously recording or imported songs, in order to sync them up with new content, or change their ‘feel’. Thanks.

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Hey there, this is something we are hoping to implement in the future, but it is a very advanced feature, so it may not be for some time, so stay tuned!

Will be interesting to see how the quality of the audio is preserved when stretching/shrinking. Wondering if doing this on the fly (in real-time) versus waiting a few seconds would make a difference.

Yeah, but at least the possibility of having different tempos on different songparts would be amazing! :slight_smile:

This is the one feature That keeps me from selling my Trio+. The quality change is noticeable but who cares… so handy for practice. Good to know the devs are looking into it.

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