Aeros arrived - first reaction

Sound quality is superb. The UI seems very nice, though I am struggling with the manual. It seems like one of those that once I figure out how to do something and what the manual actually means, it will stay in my memory. But some stuff, like a good explanation of the memory/recording limits and how they work could be MUCH clearer.

I will definitely get some good use out of this. BUT, the actual looper functionalities are extremely simple. There are traditional fx like delay, reverb, etc, and I personally don’t want to pay extra for them on a looper. However the Aeros is missing what to me are absolutely standard looping fx. The Aeros is more of a multitrack recorder than a looper at this point. I admittedly am comparing it to loopers in the tradition of the echoplex and now the loupe, but also the lp1 (probably the closest in terms of lots of tracks, reasonable recording lengths, good sound quality). I’ll also throw in the ciat lonbarde cocoquantus as the world’s most insane looper (plus much more). I don’t expect the Aeros to be like the loupe (which of course just has one track, and a short recording length), but i think that the ability to overdub at less than 100% (so that recordings gradually fade out), the ability to change the pitch (even just something like an octave down transpose), and some ability to insert into tracks, and change the recording in interesting ways…that to me is what would make it a powerful looper in contrast to a multitrack recorder with some very basic looping.

this sounds more negative than I mean it. Once I figured out the basics, i had a grand old time with it. But it’s not really much of a looper.

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Have had mine for a while now and been committed to making it work for me. Recent updates have helped me get there. It is a different beast than anything else out there. I also have the Beat Buddy and recently the Maestro. I don’t need onboard FX. They are usually unusable anyway or an onboard drum kit for the same reason.
I do need import and easier export abilities so that I can adjust and add tracks and effects along with balancing and tone adjustments in my DAW.
I really miss that feature and have been stuck with my trusty Boss RC-5.

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I’m still having some difficulty working from the manual (if i missed this, let me know) to figure out what i understand is available functionality. I understand that you can’t go back and delete a track, but for the life of me i cannot figure out how to go back and choose a previous track. And I’m told that one can record over a previous track (say track 1, if you’ve recorded 4 of them), or overdub on it…but I cannot figure out how even to select it. If I select it in the mixer, when I exit the mixer the last track is still selected. I had several instances where i accidentally created the ‘next track’ and couldn’t go back and record onto the empty previous one. I’m obviously missing something quite basic…

Hey there,

Just double tap the next track button if you are selecting the last track. There is no physical button available to select a previous track, so you must toggle back to track 1 by tapping the middle Next Track button twice, the first sets up a recording in the next track the other returns the selection to track 1.

Let me know if you have more questions

Loop Decay is in the development plan for the Aeros.

Pitch changing is not something we are looking into at this time, do you mean granular or 1/2 and x2 speed?

Importing tracks is also in the development timeline.

Regarding changing the recording, 4.2.x Reverse and Fade Out release is the next major feature release and is already being tested internally meaning it is not far away now.

Like stated above, the Aeros has room to grow still

Thanks for the feedback

hah - well, i don’t expect a looper to have granular processing. Just 1/2 speed. Some have more speeds/pitches available through midi, or even the menu. But just 1/2 speed is great. As i understand it x2 speed is more difficult…personally, i’d rather have that first than reverse, but others probably disagree. I generally prefer reverse speed of already processed tracks so that the simple reverse isn’t so obvious.

FWIW, I love my Aeros. But I also only need it (for now) to be a simple looper in that I can record a chord progression, and a bass line, and then solo over that. Adding the BB playing the beats synched along with my progressions works for me. Full transparency, I’m not a performer and don’t do live looping in front of an audience, so I recognize the different needs of others, but for my own bedroom playing, the Aeros is a great tool with plenty of more advanced functionality if needed.

I’ve never even thought of having FX on the looper. That’s what other pedals are for. I’ve had 5 loopers so far, and none had effects.

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