Aeros as Master

Before I bought the Aeros, I read thru the manual online. It had a section on mastering the Beatbuddy from the Aeros. I see that section has been replaced with a coming soon message. For me, the control must be with the Aeros because it “knows” end of loop and BeatBuddy doesn’t. I’d love to see Aeros master include setting tempo from the first loop, auto drum fill at end of loop as well as transition at end of the loop. I’m waiting for this feature before I invest my time in MIDI programming, beats, and song edits for performance.
Does anybody know the status of this feature? Is there anything I can do to help Singular to get the feature ready?


Hey there,

thank you for your feedback, it seems you’re asking for several things, some have already been requested some have not.

We likely will not be finished with both the autoquantize and master capabilities for some time, but they are some of the next few updates we have planned, next being: Memory improvements, Auto Q, Hands Free, MIDI Master capabilities and MIDI expansion

This seems relevant to this

This also seems relevant

As does this

If once we get autoquantize and then master capabilities out and you feel there is something critical missing feel free to let us know! or tag me here again

Thanks for the reply. Good luck with all the new features. I’ll be looking forward to your updates.

What does


This will be expanded on once we get there, I don’t know all the details of what we want to do just yet, and I imagine it will fluctuate with time, ask me again soon!