When in freeform mode, will the Aeros pick up on the BPM of the first loop recorded automatically?

Sorry if this is already documented, I ordered an Aeros and am hoping this is in, coming from an RC-3, where I use this feature at all times (jam around, find something I like, click record, and build!).

Not yet, but this will be one of the next big updates after MIDI implementation and Lock tracks, we are gonna call it auto-quantize


Great, thanks so much. I am very excited to receive the Aeros!

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My pleasure, and that’s great! :slight_smile:

Do you have a feature roadmap available that I could look at? Very interested in what is coming next. Thanks.

The next big 3 are MIDI implementation, Lock tracks, and auto-quantize in that order, we haven’t prioritized past that so far.

Perfect, thank you.

Do you plan a real-time wave analysis (which I doubt could be 100% reliable) or more something like we discussed here ?

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It will most likely be with simple division, we will be getting to it soon, so stay tuned on that.

Hi, this forum is really helpful! This is exactly what I wanted to know. Now I’m planning to buy the Aeros. Do you have any expectation of the timing for the update?
By the way, I’m using Boss RC series (RC-20 and RC-50) from 2002 and I think the auto-quantize thing is really important for people who used RC series to shift to the Aeros.

Thank you for your quick reply. I really look forward the update!

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Auto quantize with Bpm generetor have to work in freeform mode. When you aren’t in freeform mode, no needs a bpm generator (you put it manually or it come from an external clock)

Auto-quantize and Freeform are going to be treated as separate modes. We are not 100% on how it will look yet, but it will most likely be like choosing quantized and freeform and give a third hybrid option. That being said, being able to keep everything in time and generate an adequate Master clock with immediate calculations of tempo after the first track is recorded will probably not be easy and will mean we need to probably look at re-sync algorithm for the specific case. This is an advanced feature for us and will not be included in the first iteration of Auto-Quanntize.

We will explore the possibility eventually, but it is definitely seen as an enhancement. That being said, there are no promises here, no looper that I know of has both the ability to auto quantize and act as a seamless master to an external MIDI device. But please let me know of any loopers that can do this!