Aeros automatically loading new song at bottom of page

MOD EDIT: Thread created on behalf of user @Scott_Kehn

After installing latest firmware.
Aeros automatically loads a new song ready to record at the bottom of the page?
I love straight to the bottom of the song list page!
But when I first power up there is a blank song ready at the bottom to record?
I must delete every time I start my set list.
How can I stop this auto feature?

@Scott_Kehn could you please provide more information here? Not sure I understand the issue,

Thank you!

I have my set list on SD card.
I have no songs on internal drive.
When beginning a new session turn on Aeros it loads up a new blank song is armed and ready to go in internal drive.
Its in the internal drive section.
It would be nice to initiate this rather then it being automatic.

I see, sorry to say this is not easy to fix, you must always have at least 1 song loaded in the Aeros itself, it cannot be fully empty.

Thank you for reporting this, however, it is unlikely we will change this behavior soon.