Aeros - Aux Audio In / No signal volume indicator

Hello all;

In addition to using the main inputs, I have set my Aeros up to receive an audio signal using the Aux “In” but not getting any visual indication for volume as I do on the Main “In” on the MFD. I know the TRS cable is working as I am getting a good passthru as well as a good recorded loop .

Is this something that will be incorporated in the future ?



Hey there, Rick.

This is something we’ve noted, and are planning on finding a way to implement in the near future, thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks so much Brennan, look forward to seeing the implementation.

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You’re welcome!

I know this has been discussed before per this thread and was put on a “med-long-term plan” in early 2020. I was just curious if this was on any lists for closer-term addition?

This is in the latest Aeros manual:

"Note: Currently the signal meter only displays the input from the Main Left/Right
input ports, not from the Aux in. This will be added in a future update."

Unfortunately, this requires some UI reworking to give user a good way to show both inputs easily, however we may be able to create a setting to get this to you sooner, it may be clunky to have to go to main menu, but we can also try using a MIDI command to toggle it. Stay tuned!

Maybe this will be ready for 4.2.x, which will be coming in the next update after 4.1.x (MIDI expansion, still in beta)

Thanks for reporting

Thanks @BrennanSingularSound . I finally figured out how to connect my second amp head to the aux in and get it to record properly. However, I couldn’t figure out why the input volume (on the meter) was so low but the actual recorded loop was so loud it was just essentially white noise. LOL!