Aeros Backing Track with 5.0

I was able to upload a backing track with no problem, but I can’t figure out how to add a second part, or a second track, or if either of these is possible.

The Aeros must be set to Freeform mode and have Sync Tracks turned off to have multiple backing tracks in a song part, it will add the backing track to whatever part you have selected and open on the Aeros while stopped. To make a new part with a backing track, select the empty part plus sign icon and start the backing tracks import process.

To import multiple tracks into one song you must do the import process for each track.

That process is:
Edit the song
Press Select File
Choose the file from the list
Hit save

Can the imported tracks be sync in Aeros so that beat buddy can follow?

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Big news!

5.2.0 will now allow for importing to all Song Grid Mode types (Auto, Freeform, Quantized), allow sync tracks to be turned on, and will give options to add 360 samples and/or a fade to improve usage on the device itself

Read more here:

Hi - hoping you can help with backing tracks. I am trying to just import a 4 bar verse loop that I created in garage band. When i loop it in garage band, the timing works great. When I export the file from garage band and load into aeros, there’s an extra space at the end that throws off the timing. I have tried unselecting the options for fade out and 360, but that did not solve the problem. Do you think this is something I’m doing wrong in aeros, or is there some better way to export audio as a loop or something rather than as a file from garage band?


This is likely a problem with exporting from GarageBand, it is not exporting the set amount

You could try out Audacity, they have the option to see the timeline in beats, min+sec, or samples, this way you could make sure the file is not too long.

Garageband is definitely a very limited DAW when it comes to making the sure the bounce is done exactly as needed.