Aeros backing tracks

I never try it .
But if you connect your phone or tablet on the AUX Input, and launch your backingtrack
Maybe you can record it into the looper ?

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Yes that’s doable but you’ll have an A/D conversion meaning generational loss. Beside the realtime conversion, transferring a digital file takes much less time.

I have all of my backing tracks on my Jamman Stereo.

Since ALL of my audio devices (Including the Jamman) go into my mixer I can record any of them into the mix on my Aeros. My mixer aux out is how my Aeros is fed everything.
You can turn on or off any channel and adjust levels for each on the fly too. Quite convenient.

You dont have to use a jamman of course but you can input any source into your mixer and use it in the Aeros if you route your rig this way. Whatever you have your backing tracks on send through the mixer.

Works fantastic for me but maybe not for what you need?

I did this to give me all possible options.

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Hey NVR2fst

That’s funny! I do exactly what you do as well with a Jamman stereo for stage work and a Jamman XT for studio rehearsals. I use to sync three Jamman XTs together and with the Beat Buddy to get six stereo tracks with the BB. I sold two XTs when I got the Aeros hoping to be able to transfer the XTs files eventually into the Aeros. But as said further above, that has never been possible although import was originally an advertised feature on the Aeros.

How do you manage for software on the Jamman? On a Mac the Jamman software crashes at startup so I have to keep an old system on an old mac mini lying around just to update the Jammans! :grinning:

I just plug an audio into the 1/8 aux coming from my pc or my tablet to the Jamman and hit record on the song section I want. You can also put directly on the card from pc without the software. You just need to name the files manually. Been a while since I did it that way though. Pretty simple.
I don’t really use the software for anything anymore.

Using an audio cable to record a backing track works today on the Aeros.

Just plug your phone into to “STEREO AUX IN” with a stereo jack and run your backingtrack Into the looper

Pretty much how I do it, just have a little tablet in place of a phone and permanently connected.

Hi all, newbie to the board here but a longtime happy BeatBuddy user.

I have been trying to work the BB with an iPad app called SessionBand, which essentially is a loop that I can write in chord progressions to create backing tracks. It comes in various versions, Acoustic, Country, Jazz etc. It has drum sounds in most genres except the Acoustic version.

The BB has a much more realistic and better drum sound and is a prefect match with the Acoustic version which is just acoustic guitar. It’s a great combo to sing and play solo with.

The problem I have to work the two together is to get them start on the same beat. I have to time it perfectly at the start of the song or it wouldn’t sound right. It has been a hit and miss endeavour, mostly misses I must say.

The question I have is, if I connect my iPad to the Aux in of the Aeros, would the BB be able to sync with it and trigger the SessionBand to start together ? Or would I have to record the SessionBand loop and record it to the Aeros first ?

If somehow I can get it to work, it would be a great tool for both recording and live performance. It’ll definitely be worthy of the cost.

Thanks in advance for any inputs or comments.

For now, you would have to record the output of your iPad into the Aeros for this to work, you can record up to 10 min stereo before saving and after saving you will recover some time (see Dynamic Read).

You may have timing issues given that Session Band is not sending Start/Stop commands to the Aeros. Furthermore, if you intend to be able to record both to a click they must be somehow synced together by MIDI. I believe it is possible but you may run into issues in practice with this method.

The same reason you can’t quantize BB and session band is the same reason you can’t do Aeros and session band and then BB and Aeros with the same files.

The Aeros still cannot convert files recorded in freeform mode into quantized tracks (Autoquantize), and can’t be Master. Both these features will also improve your odds of a good outcome here and are coming soon.

Additionally, we will have a backing track import/export system that makes this completely unnecessary.

In essences this is possible but if you want to synchronize a device with the Aeros after you record into it, that is different than just recording a backing track into one part or across parts.

Stay tuned!

Thank you for your reply. I’ll wait for further updates to the Aeros that hopefully can solve my problems.

Hello Oldtimer. I don’t know if Sessionband offers the possibility to add any midi command but if it does here is what you could be doing. you could add a Control change to start/stop your beatbuddy in sessionband so that when you start your session band loop the beat buddy starts. As the BB starts it will send the CC to your aeros who will start the recording immediately (given that your are using a new and fresh loop). you could also add cc stop command to the BB at the end of the loop so that both the aeros and bb stop at the end of your loop. For your need I would route the bb audio to the Aeros and record both the sessionBand loop and beat buddy all together. I am using this technique succesfully with multitracks imported into my DAW . Using this technique allows me to record multitracks into the aeros by section loop 1 (chorus), loop2 (verse), loop 3 (bridge ) as I like the flexibility it gives me to navigate from one section to the other at my paste… but if you are more the one press kind of guy you don’t need to go that far and you could only add one cc command to start and one to stop/pause.

Hi Yeap, thank you for a very thoughtful reply. The technique you described sounds promising. However, I’m not sure if I can connect the iPad to the Aeros through midi. I should just buy the Aeros and try to see if I can get it to work for me. It’s a big investment (over $1000 Canadian) but thankfully the local dealer has a generous return policy (30 days). I just thought I should do the proper research first before I make the commitment.

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I use my android tablet with a roland midi one to push midi commands to my BBuddy and hoping that the upcoming midi expansion on the Aeros will allow me to do more and eventually select songs directly from it. I am from Canada(QC) too … I agree… it’s a pretty big purchase

Absolutely, I would never have believed that these basic functions, of a midi looper of this range and this price, would be absent :sweat_smile:

Try it at the store if you can before buy, i didn’t and i regret it, i still have 8 days to return it to the store, but i don’t like to do this. The 2 x 2 mode is workable in concert, but with a fairly high error rate, and without a fast undo you feel not safe. :sunglasses:

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My local store doesn’t have it in stock and I’ll have to order it. The reason I haven’t ordered it yet is because very likely I’ll have the same timing issue trying to start both bb and sessionband on the same beat. I don’t want to take advantage of the dealer’s generous return policy knowing that 99% chance I’ll return it and it wouldn’t be fair for the store to order it for me and end up being stuck with it. I’ll wait for the updates that add the functions I need and hopefully it won’t be too long.

You probably are not aware of the Cancel Recording feature. If you turn Cancel Recording ON in the Device Settings Menu, you can undo any recording with one tap of the Play Stop All button.

This is already working in the tested version, coming soon!

Thanks for the feedback and questions!

Dying for the audio backing track functionality. Progress towards this feature seems very slow. Are we any closer?


Progress is always moving us closer, yes. This is not too far away now, we do intend to get to this as quickly as makes sense for the team and to our greater plan of releases.

I do not have any further updates at this time, thank you for your patience.