Aeros basic functionality for Beat Buddy users doing Simple Verse-Chorus Style Music

A post for gigging musicians who use a beat buddy, don’t pre-record and just do simple verse-chorus style songs, and need as little foot pressing as possible so they can focus on performing.

I’ve recently bought an Aeros. I already have a Beat Buddy and need something that just allows me to do easy live one man band verse- chorus looping with no prerecorded audio. On this level it’s great. Start stop works fine sync works fine, transition works fine. Great stuff!

There are though basic usability problems which I’ve reported separately but would like to put them in one post as I need to decide within a week whether to keep it or not.

These are all problems that aren’t sexy or fancy features and will only be understood by live gigging musicians THAT ARE PERFORMERS WHO DON’T PRE-RECORD TRACKS and want the tech to just work so they can focus on performing which is the whole point of it all.

Like I said I have reported them, but there doesn’t seem to be much appetite for fixing them as the dev team is concentrating on more of the sexier features.

Here they are from the perspective of doing a gig

You’re at the gig. Loadsa people buzzing about, bassist chattering to you. Guy heckling you in the audience. You plug in pedal board

  1. Is it coming on? Maybe dunno, it takes so long to boot with no indication it’s coming on.

  2. Oh yeah gotta press the loop studio button (FIX: NEEDS AN OPTION TO BOOT STRAIGHT TO A SONG)

  3. Oh yeah gotta set the loop volume level. THERE IS NO WAY TO SET THE DEFAULT LOOP VOLUME LEVEL (POSSIBLE FIX: have an option to allow master volume to be set to a default volume when turned on)

Loopers at a fraction of the cost of the AEROS don’t present these problems. You turn it on - DONE!

Ok ready to go, playing verse - cool. Into chorus, but then you have to REMEMBER TO PUNCH OUT. Loopers I’ve used before AUTOMATICALLY punch out after the measure length that’s been set. THERE’S NO WAY TO SET THIS IN THE AEROS (Potential Fix: Just have a setting for auto play to start after x measures of recording that applies across all song parts)

So you finish the song cool. Then you have to reach over to hold the clear song button. Reaching over is not good. I nearly fall over sometimes. Then I have to press another button to confirm this which is not cool. Potential Fixes: 1. Have an option to disable confirmation screen and 2. An option to make hold on mixer button to be the clear song function. The mixer button is superfluous live for regular music.

So could someone please give me a definitive answer on whether there is any appetite to look at this basic, unsexy but vital functionality of the looper in the future. I don’t care when, but that at some point whether or not it will be looked at?

Maybe you could put it in a ‘basics’ update or something


Masten :slight_smile:

We are working on this

We can explore this, we are also exploring other volume control possibilities, stay tuned on that.

I promise you, you don’t have to repeatedly post the same issues, I do see all of them. This is something we have been discussing and hopefully can work on soon.

Again, I understand your frustration, but reposting your issues is not making them get solved any faster, I promise we are already looking into these things.

Please in the future, refine your new posts to new requests, thank you!

Ok, I just wanted to put all the issues in one place for my benefit so I can refer to it easier down the line, and also to see if there’re any other users that have the same set of problems (that use the Aeros the way I use it)

I specifically posted this in General Discussion, not Feature Requests for that very reason. I’m done now, these are all the issues I currently have.

This one is pretty minor, but a real annoyance.

Is there some way for the display to flash or display some sort of boot message (text) as quick feedback that it is coming up. I know that it takes some time before you can display the splash image.

@BrennanSingularSound It might be good to clarify how you track requests/bugs (and how people know that their message in a general discussion or on a release thread is at least covered?). IMHO anything in general discussion is fair game (and that’s not the official place to report bugs or request features).

I assume only individual posts in the bug reports and feature requests sections are truly reported and tracked (and it gets murky if one of these gets too many comments). Your mileage may vary.


I read every single thing on this site! That’s how! :sweat_smile:

Also, maybe people should believe me when I say we’ll look into it! I do reply!

That being said, we are considerate to making the dev process as open as possible, so please know we do think about that.

I can see some good points in here. Startup doesn’t really bother me as you’re not going to turn on and ‘go’ straight away, plus on my board I have the Aeros and a Line6 HX Stomp which both take a little time to boot up.

Having the option to boot straight into a song I think is a great idea, rather than having to press ‘Loop Studio’ first. It should have the option to change it.

Also I agree with the confirmation to erase all in the current song. I don’t prerecord anything either and would rather do it all live from scratch. If there could be an option once again to toggle this on or off that would be awesome.



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HI @Neil_McCann Yeah that confirmation screen drives me mad.

What do you think to also having an option to switch the press n hold for mixer on button 1 to be press n hold to clear song. Is way easier to reach


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Yeah not sure on that as then there is always the risk of hitting that one on stage by accident. It could always be an option to switch the buttons and people can change it if they want.

Yeah an option would be good for sure :slight_smile: