Aeros/bb command

Is there a command that will change both bb part and Aeros part at the end of the loop instead of at the end of the measure? Looking to program my midi maestro

Hey there, unfortunately, the short answer is: no.

Basically, the Aeros has the ability to change parts many measures ahead of the end of the part, and the BeatBuddy always changes at the next measure.

The closest workaround to this is to set the Aeros to Change Part at the end of loop. Then, first send the CC113 value 1-6 command to initiate and start the transition on both devices and don’t send the CC113 value 0 (completes the transition at the next measure on the BB) until you are in the last measure of the Aeros song part.

Does this answer your question?

Of course this is something SS will be fixing directly in a future set of updates, right?

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Our hope is that AP will help with this and will solve the problem in a lot of ways, we are invested in making sure Aeros is fun to use when AP is enabled on BB. We hope to have more news on AP and the BBM2.0 soon! Basically, we need some methods of communication between the devices so there’s some form of pseudo bidirectionality.

Hope to be at that point ASAP :slight_smile:

Could you define your concept of AP (I assume you are meaning the term Auto Pilot as I have seen discussed on the forum?) and how you hope it would work in the future

AutoPilot is pretty much what it sounds like, the user will have options on the BBM that, when AP is enabled, will be manipulable and will set how the song plays back. Things like: how many repetitions, if AP is enabled for that particular part within the song, when fills play etc.

We will have a lot more info and even maybe some visuals for you soon! Thanks for the question