Aeros + Beat Buddy + Helix Floor + Line 6 Powercab 112+ with L6 cable

Hi all. Obviously new here and I did search for this type of question, but I didn’t see this addressed specifically.

I have a helix floor connected to a line 6 power cab with their L6 link cable (xlr cable). Currently I have my BeatBuddy (with footswitch) midi out to my Aeros Loop station. I would like the Aeros to receive signal with all modeling that was performed on the Helix without hearing the drums on the loops I make. I probably have the 1/4 cables hooked in the wrong order as I hear the drums on the the loop. I’m very new to this as I normally just have an amp/cab setup. New to BB, Aeros, and Helix so big learning curve. Thanks in advance for any help.

Then it very much sounds to me like you have way too much money because every one of those things you have are high-dollar. You should send me some. :grin:

I am assuming that your modelled signal will be coming from the Helix as both the Helix and the Powercab do that (see, way too much money :wink:).

Put the BeatBuddy at the end of the line before amplification. So Guitar-> Helix-> Aeros-> BB-> Amp.

Also, are you sure that it isn’t your microphone that is picking up your amp sound (BeatBuddy sound)?

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Are you running into a mixer or interface or are you running all audio into the power cab? I got the same setup w/o power cab, but I’m running into a full studio setup, and or live pa set up in live room. If your using powercab for everything run everything into the BBuddy Left/right in or just left if in mono and out of BBuddy and use your volume on BBuddy to mix in drums, with the Aeros onboard mixer you can blend in everything else.


@b0n3 nice to meet you. I’m at a fortunate part of my life to shop for the things I want. I previously had a headrush 108 FRFS and after getting the manual for my helix floor and reading about the abilities of the PC 112+ it said that the modeling from my helix would be even better so upgrade I did:). I intentionally don’t have my mic connected to eliminate that possibility. Thank you for mentioning it.

@b0n3 and @fabian_vasquez My current setup is as follows.
Guitar —> Guitar In (Helix) —> 1/4” out (helix) to Aeros L(mono) In
BB—> Exp In (Helix)
BB —> Footswitch
BB —> MIDI OUT to Aeros Midi IN

With the HeadRush I ran L&R out of Eros 1/4 Y cable to Input 2 of the HeadRush
Helix XLR —> to Input 1 of the Headrush

Helix 1/4 and XLR Global settings to Line

Now with PowerCab: Link 6 cable from Helix AES/EBU Link 6 Cable Digital out —> PC112+ (L6 Link AES IN)

Can I change things to active the following:

  1. Play Helix straight to PC using the Helix modeling
  2. Play BB with Helix no Aeros
  3. Play Helix (modeling) with Aeros and BB. Here I want to make loops that don’t include the BB drums in the loop.

@fabian_vasquez thanks for you help and nice to meet you as well. If I should run stereo out of the helix and Aeros I’m willing to. I’m too new to all of this to understand. I hope I have answered both all of your questions. Any suggestions. I can include pics of my setup if needed.

Ok after trial and error this evening I think the following works: I can do #1 with my current cable setup. I can also do #2 by leaving the power off to the Aeros Loop Studio. I had this idea that I wanted a chance to record/keep the loops without the drum sound recorded in them, but the midi cable starts and stops the Aeros anyway so if I try to shut off the drum it stops the loops. That is the whole idea of the midi cable. Sorry just learning.

I’m going to try to turn down the volume or see if I can run Headphone out so I could hear the drums without hearing it in the mix. I did try a separate cable to the PC112 and it did work, but the midi still stops the looper.

The only reason I was trying to figure this out is I’m going to do cable management and I’m using python pedal covers and once I cut it, it would be difficult to change if I wired incorrectly. 95% of the time I would want the drums in anyway. Again thanks for the help. I would love any thoughts you might have.

You don’t want the Beatbuddy audio to go into your Aeros it’s already looping and you don’t want it recorded on a Aeros track. If your BBuddy is Master it will always come on when you start your Aeros it’s the master clock, keeping everything in sync. Because the BBuddy is not being recorded your Helix is recorded and overdubbed however you want to do it. If you play it back from the Aeros main out and you can turn your Beatbuddys volume off if you want to hear your loops w/o drums. I’d just run your Helix into your power cab then line out of powercab into the Aeros input Aeros out to your Headrush 108 monitor input 1, run BBuddy Left(mono) out to input 2 of the Headrush 108 monitor, you can get audio from Helix to PC when you use Helix as a interface.

I think I understand. So I want to run a second 1/4 cable from the beat buddy to PowerCab so it doesn’t run into the helix (would send the signal to the Aeros) and not from the BB to the Aeros as the drums will always be in the loops. So Helix —> Power Cab through L6 link cable, BB—>1/4 cable out mono (L) to Power Cab Input (1). Power cab —>Line out to Aeros Line IN? I was planning on not using my Headrush and selling it. Are you recommending I keep it as a monitor? This is good info. Thank you. Given the space I would like to eliminate the HeadRush if possible.

Yea I’d keep it to use as a monitor for drums and Aeros outputs, the headrush has two channels with two line levels use it as a mixer.

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Sorry one last question. The PC+ only has xlr out plugs and the Aeros only have 1/4 input, so I need to buy an xlr to 1/4 adapter? Thanks

Are you actively gigging with this setup or setting up your home jamspace or…?

If you have that setup and resources, you might consider another powercab-112+ and running the whole thing stereo. They actually sell those in pairs.

For me it would be the same either way, and is. I mean, I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t even force myself to run mono ANYTHING. I haven’t even powered my Marshall JVM410H in over 2 years because my Yamaha stereo mixer and powered 15" speakers sound so much better with stereo vocal effects processor and stereo guitar multi effects. Dang I need to sell that thing and get a helix come to think of it.

You could… Drop the L6 cable and go 1/4" all the way:

Guitar → Helix
Helix Left and Right Outs → Aeros Left and Right Ins
Aeros Left and Right Outs → BeatBuddy Left and Right Ins
BeatBuddy Left and Right Out → Left to one cabinet, Right to the other
Crank it up and marvel at what you have created =)

Oh yeah you can send to PC using Helix or BeatBuddy headphone jacks or Aeros aux outputs too.

Yea you’d have to go from xlr to 1/4 adapter if your using PC+ you take out your cab block on your Helix because your PC+ is your cabinet and if you run your 1/4 out of your Helix your not gonna get the sound with the cab from that output. That’s why you’d get your signal from the PC+outs. And yea you could do that too, using two PC+'s I guess it’s basically a powered monitor. I’m not gigging with this set up I got a full studio setup with digital counsel outboard racks of preamps, dynamics, EQ, studio monitors, live room/rehearsal space subs, mains, drums, mics pedals, guitar amps, bass amps… I’m setting up a pedal board with BBuddy Aeros, midi maestro, PodGo, boss ve500, delay/reverb pedals, for playing solo gigs this spring. Once you learn midi you can use your Helix midi to run your BBuddy and Aeros loop Studio, like do multiple things with one press of your Helix switches but that’s a whole other thing I’m trying to master haven’t quite figured it out yet.

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@fabian_vasquez Thank you for all this info. I’m keeping the Headrush, but currently with the space I have, I figured out a solution. This is if anyone is doing something similar, this is where I landed.

Helix —> L6 cable (AES/EBU L6 Link Cable OUT) —> PC 112+ L6 Link AES IN. This lets my helix play to the power cab as I want without BB or Aeros. All forms of modeling from the PC and Helix (FRFS).

BB—> 1/4 OUT L (mono) —> PC Line 1 IN 1/4
This lets me play BB alone, with helix, or with Aeros without contaminating the loops with drum sounds.

BB—> Singular Sound Midi Cable (splits from one on the BB to MIDI IN and MIDI OUT) —> Aeros Loop Studio MIDI IN. BB controls start/stop and sync of Aeros

BB—> Footswitch

Helix —> 1/4 inch Out —> Aeros L (mono) IN. This lets me play with Helix and Aeros without BB if I want.

Aeros —> 1/4 inch Out L Mono —> PC Input 2

Helix Global Settings 1/4 (line), XLR (line)

All can act independently or together in any combination. The powercab L6 cable helps because I have three inputs. Thanks for the help. I’ll keep following to read about your studio setup and your pedal board setup.

Sounds like it will work, the only issue is when recording a track from guitar into Aeros being monitored from the same source your playing back on, w/o creating a feedback loop while recording, but the way you describe your set up I don’t think you’ll have that issue. Well good luck with your gear, there’s people on this forum that know a lot more than I. Glad to help a fellow musician.

Aeros Facebook group is also a great source of information too.