AEROS & BEATBUDDY Bi-directional Master/Slave controls

This is a topic that has been covered on another thread but didn’t see here and thought it worth being covered here as well.

Quoting @Quad words on the other thread:
“Would be nice if the Aeros and BB behaved as if they were one device. There’s a lot that could be done with 4 footswitches+scroll wheel of the Aeros (and more with the BB’s 1+2 switches). More than enough to have a great, flexible setup if they designed the two devices to work together.”

I believe the title is almost self explanatory, but here’s an initial list of benefits of this bi-directional ability:

  • Load a song in the Aeros and have the BB automatically setup with the right drumset and song
  • Jump to a specific song part (ie. from part 1 to part 5) in one go
  • Some more advanced features as being able to load a BB song with the Aeros wifi via midi
  • Ability to reset the song in Aeros (ie. move back to Part 1) once you trigger the Outro fill in BB.

and probably people will think on some more features to take advantage of the bi-directional capabilities.

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The biggest advantage to me would be that beatbuddy would know when the end of the loop was, not just the end of the measure.



If SS does one thing here, this is it!

Changing song parts and ending the song at the end of the loop would be so much easier. Been spoiled by using the Aeros (sans BB) to queue up commands at my leisure. With the BB in the mix, I need to wait until the last measure (which is a busy time musically).


It appears this is the same topic as this one, I will not delete this one but will close it so that the conversation can be added to/continued there. Thank you.

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