Aeros / BeatBuddy - Midi out from Aeros to Moog synth

First of all, thank you to the team at singularSound for creating such a progressive and forward thinking system. I see great potential here with the Aeros and BeatBuddy as a keyboard player.

I have the BB and Aeros synced via the midi break out cable and all is working well as it relates to Aeros and BB. However I was wondering if the midi out from the Aeros will synch the midi sequencer on my Moog Sub 37 synth. I ran the midi out from the Aeros to the midi in on the Moog. However I am not getting any indication of a midi signal reaching the Moog.

Is this possible ?

Thanks again for a robust, and great sounding system!!


Hey there, thank you for your feedback! We still have yet to do the MIDI mapping for the Aeros, but this will be coming in a firmware update soon (1-2 mos). Once we map out the MIDI, the Aeros will be able to act as master, yes.

Is there also going to be midi thru?

It already acts as MIDI thru, if, for example, you used the BeatBuddy as Master to the Aeros, you could hook up a second Aeros (or other MIDI sync device that reads MIDI start, stop, transition messages) and it would receive the commands from the master.

Excellent, thanks. Iā€™d probably mostly need this for sending clock through it.

So my experiment using the BB midi out to the Aeros and then Midi Thru to my Moog Sub 37 resulted in a killer sync and sound ! The Moog Sub 37 makes a great bass


Hello @BrennanSingularSound ,
Sorry if Iā€™m a little dense. If Iā€™m understanding correctly, then the following setup I describe should work based on the current (6/25/21) midi implementation (beat buddy below assumes I have the proper breakout cable):

-foot controller to MIDI IN on BB ā€“ (commands for BB and 2 other devices route through BB)
-BB MIDI OUT to Aeros Midi IN - (commands for aeros here)

  • Aeros out to MIDI IN on Guitar Effects Processor ā€“ (passing effects processor commands on a different channel, through both the BB and the aeros).

Am I right that this should currently work?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Yep, this will work :slight_smile: