Aeros Bluetooth midi compatibility

Is the aeros compatible with the CME widi master? Is it worth buying it or will the aeros be midi over Bluetooth capable soon?
(It’d like to use my iPad as a midi clock)

Haven’t tried it, but there’s no reason the CME Widi Master would not work.

Doubt you’re gong to hear anything about new features using Bluetooth any time soon. Like you, I’m hoping Aeros will support BT Midi.

Suspect it’s on the Aeros “good idea someday” list, but there are other higher priority items to fix/add first.

P.S. Might be good idea to change the title to “Aeros Bluetooth Midi Compatibility”


Hey there,

We have not yet specified the behavior of Bluetooth on the Aeros, we will have more information on this soon hopefully, but as Quad said, there are other priorities we are working on right now, stay tuned on this.

By the way, do you have latency issues with any of the Devices you use with Bluetooth MIDI sync? How reliable is it for you to use Bluetooth for MIDI clock? Just curious, thanks!

My need for Bluetooth for the clock is pretty low. The Midi clock will almost always live on my pedal board where midi cables are OK.

Until the BB has BT support I suspect I will always have a midi cable connecting the two*. The BT midi will work in addition to a midi cable, right?

I’d use BT Midi for a controller at eye height (amp/music stand/desktop) where I don’t want that wire. This type of controller can have some small latency as I can’t play and use the controller at the same time. And jitter may not matter as much either.

I think the latest bt midi from Yamaha and CME have this latency down where most people don’t worry about it. Hoping the chipset in the Aeros is new enough to support that…

*Note: I’m looking forward to paid BB plugin for the Aeros which requires an external midi footswitch to work well. Seems pretty silly to have two separate devices from SS that would be better as a single unit. The BB needs to understand the loop lengths on the Aeros, not just the time signature and bpm. Boss seems to understand this and will nail it sooner or later.

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I have a Widi Master, and the problem with Aeros is that:

  • Currently only Receive port does anything. That’s fine, you can send command controls and clock (I haven’t tested Clock yet, that’s for today’s experiment).
  • Widi Master requires power from the Send Port, which Aeros provides
    *BUT!!! the cable between the receive and send on the Widi Master is very short, it’s meant to support standard side-by-side midi ports on the device. Unfortunately, Aeros has the ports at each end of the device, and that’s too far for the short cable to stretch. The cable is a 2.5mm TRS and attached to the plug for the midi “in” so you must have both plugged in for it to be of any use. And trying to find (or build your own) a short, 2-3in 2.5mm extension cable is impossible to unlikely.

I had some old, small Anatek Pocket Through boxes (passive 1 in 3 out), and it is passing power which is working for messages.

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Hey there,

The Aeros is not yet able to act as master, but that will soon not be the case.

Unfortunately, there’s not really anything we can do about the second issue, have you considered purchasing a longer cable that can do the same? Or is it Widi specific?

You can see in the image that the smaller “input” jack of the widi master has a fixed attachment for the cable and the cable is very short. Every other midi device I have ever used has (with the exception of a very old midi rack interface) has the input/output jacks side by side - except Aeros.

So yes, it is theoretically possible to find/build an extension cable, but it needs to only be a few inches long and you are then dealing with an extra connection on small plug/jack which will eventually fail intermittently (in my long experience).

It’s unfortunate. Maybe if a future major revision of the pedal comes out the midi in/out can be side by side as is common standard.

Any update?
Does the Bluetooth have a purpose yet?
It’s been a long time now and I still just have a looper and colored audio bypass pedal for double the price . If it’s not offering all the extra functionality

Would this work?

Not yet, unfortunately, we have never let out an official plan for BT. We are currently already working on many other things that do not extend to “extra” functionality, and so we need to get to those things first, but we do plan on getting here eventually. Aeros still has quite a bit of growth to do I believe.

Thanks for your feedback!

Sure, but “lengths range from 3 ft. to 25 ft.” So you’ll have at least 2.5ft of unneeded cable to store.
there are short, 6" m/m cables out there and f/f din coupling connectors so that works as well.

There are other solutions too. I was just describing the limitation without trying to solve it.

But it is an unfortunate choice that the hardware designers made to put the midi connectors so far apart. I haven’t not seen another device in my life that had both a midi in and out port that were not side by side. Sure, they probably exist, but they are rare for… for good reason.

Ok I follow. There are other shortcomings (plus we are all presently “beta” users) but Aeros is really close to being a powerful small footprint looper (and already is to some) so I have hope!

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