Aeros - *bug* Count-in Click Track

Hello. I am recently experiencing perhaps a glitch (unless I am doing something wrong) in regards to the count-in click track measures before recording.

When I create a new song the click track count in works as expected. Also, after stopping the song and switching to a brand new unused Song Part the click count in works as well.

However, if I stop the song after I have recorded Track 1 then move to Track 2 and hit record it does NOT give me a measure of count in; instead it immediately starts recording. In my opinion if you set the mode to count-in a measure before recording it should ALWAYS add a measure of click before beginning a recording from a stopped position. This situation also occurs if I undo a track. Unless the Song Part is totally unused at all when I hit record it immediately starts recording without a count-in measure. It only adds the count in when I switch to a brand new unused Song Part. As soon as something has been recorded on it, even if I undo it, the count-in function is no longer available; instead it just immediately starts recording. So that means even on Track 1 if I make a mistake on the first time through I no longer have the option of using a 1 measure count in. The only way to fix it so I get a count in again is to clear the whole song and start over or switch over to Song Part 2 (assuming part 2 is totally blank cause otherwise the count in wouldn’t work).

Hopefully this can be patched in a future update as I am using the Aeros to create song Parts and Tracks one at a time while stopping each track after I have successfully recorded the phrase. It is becoming quite a hassle not having a count-in measure when I try to add another Track to the same song part as I have to let the whole loop of the first track play in it’s entirety before I can enter on beat one of the 2nd track.

Also to let you know I am on Version 3.0.0 as I am awaiting the wifi download of the latest firmware.

Please let me know if I am doing something wrong or if this is indeed a bug and could be patched up. Thanks for your help.

-Jason (Dayton, OH)

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I can only get count in to work

  1. On the very first time recording a track on a fresh song or
  2. After long pressing the Stop button to clear all tracks.

If I record my first track and undo it, I do not get a count in. Is this a bug?

I’ll add this was very confusing, because I expected to get a count in every time I record, just a DAW, whose behavior this mimics.

I would love if I could get a count in on every record pass, for example to launch my looper and then take a seat at a new instrument to play the part. But especially for the first time I play each new track, I’d want the option to hear the count in to help get into the tempo and groove, or else I’ll have to lay down a blank loop and listen once through.

Ideally count in would allow options like:

  1. Count in on empty part (current behavior, though with undo bugs as I mentioned)
  2. Count in on record (if you hit play, no count in, but if you hit record it counts in)
  3. Count in always

The current use case for count in is so narrow that I went my first evening with the pedal not ever getting it to work because of the order in which I was doing things.

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