Aeros buttons don't work

Hi everyone, can anyone help me? I have a problem with the buttons on my Aros.
In practice every now and then they stop working, I have to restart the looper to get them to work again.
It’s been happening a lot lately…
I don’t think it’s a hardware problem, but a software one, because the graphics of the buttons change.
I attach a link to a video of the problem

Thanks to everyone and have a good day.

Hey there,

you may have placed the wrong link, the video is not being linked to

Please reach out to support with any steps to reproduce the issue so we can take a look,

Thank you for reporting!

I did the manual firmware update via SD card, to try to solve the problem.
Now everything seems to be working…
In the next few days I will test it thoroughly, to see if the problem is actually solved.

Video’s link here:

I answer you on Facebook
This is a bug when using the mixer with midi

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This is something we hope to fix in 5.2.x which will be out soon, correct this is from using MIDI to go to the Loop studio from the Mixer

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