Aeros Buzzing Sound

I’m a relatively new Aeros User, and have a question regarding some buzzing/humming I get. My current set up is from my guitar, to my pedal board chain, last on the board is the aeros and out to my Twin Reverb. I’ve tried each pedal individually to the amp, as a chain to the amp and have zero noise until I add the Aeros. Even when I plug the guitar directly into the Aeros - and out to the Amp, I get the hum. I’m super frustrated and can’t seem to figure this out. The aeros is running on its own power source.

Any suggestions would be great, if you need a pic of my set up I’d be glad to do that as well.

I have a beatbuddy, and just bought the midi maestro, so I’m very invested but this hum is just unacceptable.


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Hey there,

This is most likely because the Aeros can create noise or interference when mixed with analog pedals or other digital pedals on the same circuit, this can introduce some interference when you are not powering using an isolated PSU. Some ‘octopus’ power supplies or PSUs claim to be isolated and aren’t, try searching your current power PSU’s name on the forum if you have one you are using.

There have been many discussions on the best PSUs available on the forum you can do a search to see what you can find, I use the CS12 1SPOT Pro PSU, it is pricey but excellent. I was most pleased to see it had proper grounding on its power cord.

Let me know if you need any more help!

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If you’re getting noise with the Singular Sound PSU and your guitar connected to the Aeros and directly to your guitar amp, you should not have any noise. I’d suggest some things to try:

  1. Update to the latest Aeros firmware
  2. Test again direct to the amp using different patch cables between the pedal and the amp as well as a different cord between the guitar and Aeros
  3. Plug your PSU into a wall outlet and not a power strip
  4. If you are using an SD card, remove it for the test.

Let us know what you find out from Support and how you get it working properly.

Thank you for the feedback! I’ve tried the 4 suggestions listed above and I still have the buzz/hum. What I’ve notices is that if I unplug the midi cable from the Aeros (from the midi maestro out to beatbuddy in out from beatbuddy to aeros, the hum stops completely. Is this a common thing (hum to be caused by midi cable?)

I’m gonna say “no,” it’s probably not a common thing unless you have a defective MIDI patch cable or MIDI sync adaptor (the one from Singular Sound—SS). If you have another MIDI patch cable, you can try swapping them and listen for any difference. If you believe it’s either the SS cable or one of the pedals, contact Support,

I solved my midi hum loop by removing Pin 2 of my midi cable (taking the ground out). YMMV.

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You could try these:

Hey Brennen, thank you for the suggestion. I’m going to be ordering one of the options below… The digital hum is still there (I’ve since rebuilt my board). Maybe it’s my set up, so please no laughing - I’m new at this lol. I’m going

Guitar—> AB selector —> to boss GT1000 mono in —> Pegasus overdrive—-> aeros —> amp

The beat buds is direct out to PA set up (not attached in this pic) and midi in from maestro, midi out to aeros.

Based on this, which noise surpressor should I buy, or is my set up wrong.

Are you running isolated power to all devices? I think I see 4 or more power cables running away from the board, which makes me wonder where they are all plugged in. If you aren’t using an isolated power supply, you could run everything on that board with one isolated power supply and potentially get rid of the buzz.

I have an isolated power supply but it only has 1 9V 500 AM plug, which i have going to the beat buddy. That power supply is powering the OD pedal and the AB switch. The maestro, aeros, and gt 1000 have their own power because of how much they draw.

Okay. I agree with BrennanSingularSound: PSU like a CS12 1SPOT Pro PSU running all devices might eliminate the buzz. Isolated power for all devices would be my first “fix”. Plugging 3 devices into one power strip is not isolation.

Edit: if you only need to run 6 devices, you don’t need anything as large as the CS12. I see there is a CS7 and other options.

This is awesome news- would the CS7 (only having 2 500ma plugging) be powerful enough to to run the aeros, bb, and maestro? They seem to be power hogs

I googled each device and got these power requirements:

Beat Buddy 300mA
Pegasus 50mA
Aeros 360mA
Midi Maestro 250mA
Boss GT-1000Core 670mA
Donner ABY 10mA

The power hog is the Boss at 670mA. Wow. I don’t have any pedals that approach that. I googled and found this page:

I barely gave that link a glance, but I noticed the author had the same issue of very high power reqs for Boss GT-1000Core.

Given that power requirement for one pedal, I would first try putting everything else on isolated power (CS7 should work), then try using the Boss GT-1000Core on it’s own power. If there is still buzz, maybe that page will point to a solution.

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Thank you! Will report back with results.

Just to chime in, Aeros and BB do need at least 350mA to avoid issues, but you can run the MM at 250, I do that all the time.

I will note that the buzz could be something as simple as a bad cable, a bad wire in one unit, or also possible an issue in your power source. I would start with each pedal one by one, and pair them in different ways until the problem starts, this may help isolate the problem child.

Hope this is helpful!

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Hi all. I wanted to follow up and report that all buzzing is GONE! It was completely a power issued (or lack thereof) and adding a more powerful, isolated power supply did the trick. Thanks so much for the quick and explanative support!