Aeros Circuit Board bottom Photo

Here’s a photo of the Aeros’s insides courtesy of BassGearMag:

A few observations:

  • It’s a photo of the bottom of the board, so not much info on chips, etc.
    • Any info on the CPU and ADC/DAC chips in the Aeros?
  • There is a large amount of vertical space in rear.
    • Would love a v2 of the Aeros with all the jacks and I/O in the rear. There should be space to get everything except for maybe the USB, Power Switch, and SD on the rear with some creative labelling. Really nice to have all the cabling in the rear. 'Nuff said, this is probably too costly a change unless there is some other larger change going on.
    • A simpler (cheaper?) flat enclosure could have been used. Not sure the stop/start button or the scroll wheel require the angled tops (versus just mounting them higher). The current enclosure is pretty nice, though.
  • The scroll wheel is much lower profile than I would have guessed.
  • Is that a surface mount button in the middle right?
  • Looks like a few test pads

Been curious about this but have not opened mine. Who’s going to provide pic of the top side of the board (where the interesting stuff is going on)?