AEROS click track?

Hello, without a midi device connected, can I get a click track for the first measure? I have a new Aeros looper but my beat buddy is at home and i am traveling and have a 14 day quarantine ahead of me. thanks for any help.

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You can turn on the click in the song settings by setting a count-in. This will only count in before the song starts recording.

If you would like the metronome to count while you record the whole first track, you have to make sure that the global setting in the main menu “Click Routing” is routing the click to the output you use (Main Outs and/or Aux). You set the volume of the click in the global settings.

You might like to play around with our freeform mode, you can go into freeform by turning off quantization in the song settings. Also, I would suggest turning on both sync start and length. This is almost like auto-quantizing.

Hello, thanks for your suggestions, i actually stumbled onto a video from Steve Stine that was excellent which laid out the whole process very quickly without too much beating around the bush and weird music in the background. I didn’t realize after reading the whole manual, and i don’t think its covered, that you needed to save a new song and only then do you get the opportunity to have a click track count in. thanks again

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I am trying to get the click track via the aux out…I can hear it but it is quite faint. [ the volume slider is on 99 ]. It is loud coming from the main out…I hope this is the correct forum/procedure for this question.

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How are you listening to the click?

The Aeros Aux out is not meant as a headphone input because it does not have a headphone pre-amp included. You would need a headphone pre-amp or PA/monitor to play this back and hear it louder.

You are saying it is louder from main outs, how are you listening to those? If you are listening while connected in stereo but you are playing back in mono (device settings) the click may sound 3dB louder, let me know!

@BrennanSingularSound: I would like to know, if the idea, to implement an „click on when song is loaded-Feature“, is worth to be developed as an additional feature. I can imagine, that I‘m not the only User, who would be happy about it.


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Hi, I´m a brand new owner. My first impression is very good. I can sympathize with some of the criticisms but so far… so good. I do have a question: Is it possible to have audible click in freeform?. I don´t have a Beat Buddy but it would be really useful not only to have the click while recording / overdubbing etc, but while playing by sending it out to a drummer or such. Of course, the very first recording will have no click, but once the part (track?) is finished it could extract timing information from it, based on the settings of the particular song. I have Click Routing = Main Out, Click After Recording First Track = ON, and Click Volume =100, yet there is no click.

Hello there, by default freeform cannot have a click track, that is not ever going to be a feature for that particular mode. What it seems you’re more interested in is autoquantize, where the Aeros creates a tempo timeline based on the first recording in the song part, that is yet to be a feature on the Aeros but we hope to get to it very soon.

Freeform is based on using your timing and the Aeros’s optional sync settings to create more creative non fixed tempo creations.

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Yes, I didn’t word it properly. That’s exactly what I wanted to say. I´m glad it is in the works. As a brand new user, I’ve been getting familiarized with the unit and I simply love it. Keep up the good work!

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Thank you! Stay tuned on Auto Q!

can the BB or Aeros send out a click BEFORE anything plays…so we can be at tempo when we press record OR play? like a metronome click track to keep us in tempo during the bridge [ w/ no looper ] then the chorus WITH the looper? …OH, and this click comes out a separate “out”…

You can do this by setting the Aeros to count in for a set number of measures. This only works when the song part is blank.

You can also set the BeatBuddy to do a Count in intro instead of a normal intro, and it will count one full measure before starting the song.

Does this answer your question? Let me know thanks!

Did you ever figure out how to get a click track after the very fist time you press record?

Hi forum only allows me to reply to ask a question, so here I am. I want a count in always, if I don’t nail the very first take apparently I can no longer get a count in unless I delete the song and creat a new song, by that time I’ve set down the instrument sat on the floor and gotten back up again, then if I don’t nail that take I must delete the song again and creat a new one to get a count in, How is it possible that this is the way it is designed? I don’t want one blank measure at the beginning of every loop. what is the work around to this giant oversight?

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You need to set “Midi Start” record OFF
In this case you need to press the switch to record and the click track go On

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This seems relevant!