Aeros Custom Colors / Skins Change

Hey there! I realize you have had a lot of technical stuff to work out with this amazing looper. Thanks for kicking but to make this thing functional. That said in addition to all this functionality, I have an aesthetic request. The colors of the screen, primary red, yellow, green and blue, are very functional, they let us know what’s going on, which is great! But they aren’t very pretty. I would love to have alternate skins, like maybe one that was cyan, magenta, and yellow, or even better one the at was pink, purple, orange and turqoise. This may seem irrelevant, but I think it’s important because it effects the enjoyability of the pedal. It could be a system setting.

If you just give us various skins, there could be more than a few options: standard (as you have it now), pastels, dark mode (purple, maroon, indigo, etc) vintage (maybe warm ambers, faded reds and cool blues), CMYK, etc.
or if you wanted to let us do custom colors than there could be a color slider or color wheel for each function:
recording = ____
Playback = ____
Overdub = ____
Etc just make sure we have access to every color object on the screen.

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Thank you for the request! It could be cool to explore this eventually, for now, this is very low priority.

I’ll tag as #med-long-term

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