Aeros delays start of recording sometimes?

Hi -

I am a little stuck on something that may be pretty basic, but I don’t remember being an issue before:

  • recording a new song with BB/MM/Aeros all linked via midi and have the bb playing a beat
  • want to redo my parts on aeros and hold the play/stop on Aeros and delete all tracks on the aeros song (BB continues beat)
  • when i hit record on aeros for a new track (while BB is still playing, or if I’m restarting from Pause), aeros doesn’t start recording right away…it waits a measure or so? Is there some way to avoid this?

(BTW, the aeros is not set for a count in.)


Hey there,

Sorry about any delayed response but we are aware of this and we are currently working on the logic to be more conducive to other use cases with the BeatBuddy.

There is a new logic that will be present in the next iteration of version 4.2.x, basically the Aeros will start recording immediately if there is nothing recorded to the part and the BeatBuddy has not sent a start command.

The reason it may have started to do this now is we changed the behavior to support a strong counting logic so the Aeros never loses count. The downside is this can have some weird behaviors when using the Aeros with devices that are sending clock and no start command.

However, the Aeros needs to keep the measure count at the very least, we cannot have the Aeros start immediately if BB is in the middle of a measure, the Aeros must always wait < 1 measure to start on the next beat 1 along with the BB.

If previously you were starting the Aeros after clearing the song and it would always start recording immediately, this is something we fixed, that is not a desired behavior for a lot of users.

Let me know if this makes sense or if there’s something I missed.

Thanks for your patience!