Aeros deleting whole songs bug

Hi there, i just got my brand new Aeros, hooked up everything, latest update 3.2.2. I put in SD card (class 10) to use for convenience. Everything worked fine, but in the middle of my jam the song suddely deleted and a new song project was created named Song 1(1). My previous project was there but with empty tracks. Then I started jamming again and the same thing happened after a while. I think it happens when restarting the beat. I slave Aeros midi clock to Machine, using whole numbers bpm (lets say 170bpm) but when I look at the Aeros when I have a new blank song project open I see the BPM drifting (moving 168-169-170). The higher I pit the master tempo - the more it shows drifting. Midi clock is working seamlessly with my other gear also slaved to Machine. Could this issue also be related to the “random deleting songs” problem? Something is wrong here… Very frustrating… anyone help?

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There are bugs when the Aeros gets a midi BPM that does not match the song BPM…

I havent changed the song bpm. But it seems it doesmt receive the Midi clock properly…

Wow I want to get midi clock working with OP-Z cool

It sounds to me like you may be sending a new 6 x 6 or 2x2 song MIDI Command to the Aeros.

New 2x2/6x6 Song - CC:34

  • Value 0: Starts a new 2x2 song (same settings as previously loaded 2x2 song) and enters the Loop Studio.
  • Value 1: Starts a new 6x6 song (same settings as previously loaded 6x6 song) and enters the Loop Studio

Can you confirm that nothing is sending this command to the Aeros? It’s possible you could fix this by changing the MIDI channel the Aeros is listening to, let me know.

I was using a synth for the clock source, which was sending MIDI commands to the Aeros I guess.
I changed the source to the Machine MK3 and now its ok. In case I get this again, would it help if I change the MIDI channel on Aeros ?

It really depends on your set-up and what channel you need Aeros on, if it works no need to fix it!

Thanks for the answer! And what about the tempo deviation? Is it just that it shows deviation but its actually working properly? Because when I record something it could be that it’s showing i.e. 160bpm when the actual master tempo is 162bpm. But it sounds ok…

I am also losing all songs saved on 3.2 not doing anything with midi using locked tracks though don’t really care about saving at the moment but seems to be a bug

No midi ever connected at all? Doesn’t matter if your using it or not.

Hey there, could you specify exactly how you save, are you sure that the songs are saving before you create new ones? Also, the Beatbuddy is not connected to the Aeros at all? Please let me know, thank you!

@BrennanSingularSound could you pls check my question on the BPM deviation above?

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the quantised song seems to have saved

The bpm midi issue may happen in both freeform and quantized. Not 100% sure. I think it’s based upon the bpm difference when loading (perhaps as well as saving).

Try removing all bb/midi cables and load the song.

I need to use it more to be sure but no midi connected yet and no beatbuddy

We are investigating this, can you give me any other information about the set up?

You say that the song is fine there’s no issues with recording it just shows the wrong integer on the screen? When you open it now does it still work perfectly even without playback guiding it?

Any information you can give me is useful here, will probably try Ableton as master to the Aeros and see what happens at different tempos and if that affects the integer reading on the Aeros.

In the end, it may be a UI error and not an audio error which is definitely in the boat we want to be in, but please make sure that your song is OK.


If you do notice this happening, please take a video to show us exactly what happens and how you get there. This is very helpful for us to make sure we can fix the issue if there is one, thank you!

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@BrennanSingularSound Have you confirmed/fixed the issues with the midi BPM?

It’s more than a display issue, but the display issue leads you to think the song is empty. Removing the midi cable should fix the issue AFAIK.

Can you please display a warning when the BPM is not compatible? Even if you fix the bug(s), a BPM mismatch is not good.

Hi, it seems like it is not an issue for the audio but just what it shows on the screen. Here is a video of the deviation:
As i said the higherthe tempo the more frequent and bigger deviation it shows.