Aeros does not “backfill” on late RECORD tap and loops are left with holes

Regarding Aeros firmware v2.13.2

I know we’re all different but I expect most of us instinctively want to tap on the measure/beat to start their recording. At the same time we’re all human and our taps are frequently a) a little early or b) a little late.

I would expect a decent looper to be able to lock to the measure and in the event of an:
a) early tap -> delay recording start until the measure
b) late tap -> backfill the recording to the measure

Now the Aeros does have a “QUANTISE TO MEASURE” option (configurable per song) but this only seems to achieve a). If you tap late then you get a hole of silence at the start of your loop.

I put a video together to demonstrate this behaviour in comparison with my Boomerang III which does perform the backfill behaviour.

Who would like to see this implemented, sorry I mean fixed?


Note there is a similar discussion going on in this thread…

but things were getting a little muddled in there because there was talk of latancy, action on down or up, differences in behaviour on first track vs others, etc.

I thought my requirement was pretty disrete and basic so I thought a dedicated post worth it.


My guess is that the Boomerang is “always recording” into some buffer that it can decide later use to backfill. That’s a neat trick that any high end looper should support.


Strongly agree. This problem is compounded because record only starts on button release. You can press the record button on time with the music and still wind up with a gap because your release was a bit late. The Aeros should always be keeping a short buffer, and should backfill if you hit record late within the grace period.



+1 It’s completely making me regret getting the aeros over the boomerang for $150 (w/tax) more. It’s making my loops completely useless with that little gap during every round. I hope they fix this soon or I’ll have to return it before the refund period is up.

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I be very interested in hearing an official response. Can you commit to adding this your backlog @DavidPackouz / @AnthonySostre?

It’s more than on the backlog actually. :slight_smile: We’re working on it already and hoping to get it done soon, it’s part of our whole effort with loop seams and advanced crossfades and such, so we’re hoping to get it implemented soon.

Edit: Plus I literally just got word that our new development team and office is starting to get their feet wet in the firmware, and while that’s not going to speed up updates in the short term, it is promising for update frequency and content in a month or two!

Amazing. You made my day.

I am getting the same "holes at the ends of the loops…hit and miss!

This is fixed in 3.0.0 and will be improved in 3.1.x release which is imminent. Thank you all for your feedback!