Aeros does not work at all after 4.0 update

Hello, I updated my Aeros and since then it doesn’t work anymore. Update was completed and auto-installed by the system. At the first boot it took ages to boot and no action of none of the knobs. And now nothing happens anymore. No reaction, just a ticking noise.

Same with my unit. After upgrading to 4.0.0 via WiFi and reboot it kept crashing and rebooting. Or it simply got stuck on the start screen with the blue Aeros logo. But it suddenly worked after I put in the SD-card. Seemingly writing or reading on the SD is an essential part of the starting process.

hmmmmm. My update was fine. I never used an SD card. Maybe that is a clue for Devs. I downloaded over air, rebooted, installed update, rebooted, and up and running. No card.

I had no problem like that after using WiFi for update except that the load times for pre-recorded songs has become noticeably and painfully longer which is a disappointment.

I wish I could add more but i don’t save tracks like that, I’m an improve player that would rather save loop parameters and not pre-recorded loops . But in the past SS has been adamant about memory refinements. Probably the AutoQ update will be pushed back to address load times.

Well, I updated with the card inserted. I didn’t change anything. Then - after nothing worked anymore (freezes, no reaction etc.) - I took the card out, downloaded the update again, inserted t he card, switch the looper on and absolutely nothing happened, just a ticking noise.

Hi I saw your other post, please don’t double post!

We are going to look into this thank you for reporting, the fact only some people are seeing it means it may not be a straightforward issue, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Hi sorry for that. thought I was perhaps on the wrong side, so I put it again on “General”. Won’t happen again :slight_smile:

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