Aeros doesn't start until the foot IS LIFTED ON play button

When you do Play on the looper it only starts when you lift your foot and it makes it unusable when you want to start or restart loops in tempo (over a drummer for example). So you could tell me to press before and release just on the time: well, it’s a bit tricky because if you press more than 1/2 s you trigger the [Delete all?] menu.
If it’s not really configurable, it makes this Looper difficult to use. So much so that if I don’t find a solution I’ll have to send it back for a refund.

I think it is the same with the recording button (another topic). Highly annoying. On BB there is a luckily setting for this for starting the beat.

The beatbuddy has a place in menu where you can select either/or they don’t have that on the aeros? To sort of clarify, you can set it up to either be activated on button press or button release. Is that the problem you’re describing and do they not have that available on more expensive unit?

In this topic that i create I don’t talk about the use of the Aeros with midi and BB .
I’m just talking about the simple problem of starting the loops manually.

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Same thread here :slight_smile:

Aeros doesn’t have this function that you describe on the BeatBuddy .
I thinh that more expensive unit have more buttons .