Aeros Features needed

1-Any chance to add an update that would allow independent Start/Stop for each song, I have songs I do not want the looper to start, when i start the BeatBuddy, and would like to turn off the start to that song.
2- Changing the BPM while playing live, so the song will follow the increase or decrease of the Beatbuddy speed. As I change the BB tempo the Aeros would follow suit.
3- Key change for the Areos, so I can go up or down with the key, Recorded in G but want to play it in A

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  1. This is possible by using MIDI CC:45 commands to change the Stop and Start settings. We also have a Song Settings template song setting so that when you save the song while enabled it will save specific device settings when you reopen that song, this should work as well.

Settings Template

Create a template of the current device settings for the next time the song is loaded.

If the song setting is turned off the current device settings will not change. If the setting is on, it will capture the current device settings every time it is saved again, and reopening the song will automatically change settings following saved template.

The device settings unaffected by this are:

  • Routing Settings
  • EXP settings
  • System settings
  • Diagnostic Settings
  • Click Volume
  • MIDI Channel
  • Any MIDI Filters
  1. This is not possible on the Aeros for it cannot time stretch audio, you can only change the tempo of a blank song, if multiple tempos are enabled you can have each blank song part respond to the incoming tempo before recording to it.
  2. This is not possible on the Aeros for the same reason we cannot do time stretch, unless you mean to allow to do this as a non-live feature. Feel free to request this as it’s own individual request in a new thread to have it tagged and track progress!

Appreciate the reply, I did not see the update from 5.11. update as I downloaded the older version, I see that the new version will let me start the songs as individual song, without effecting the other songs. Thanks again. I really will use that feature.

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Awesome! 5.2.x is around the corner, too :slight_smile: