Aeros Firmware 4.2.x

Hi there fellow Aerosnaughts!

EDIT (April 22, 2022): Aeros Firmware 4.2.4 is now an official version and has been released for download over the WIFI. (Changelog below)

We have updated the Aeros Manual and the Aeros Manual - Printer Friendly Version (no background colors to use up your ink).

In this version you will find the new features for Language settings, Fade In/Out, Reverse and other cool updates!

We’d love some feedback from our international users about the translations and if they look ok and make sense!

Fade In/Out

To fade in the master volume when starting a song from stopped, turn on Fade In in the songs settings menu.

To fade out the master volume when stopping a song, turn on Fade Out in the songs settings menu, this will follow the Stop settings if not immediate (End of Measure/End of Loop).

Tracks use the current mute logic to allow for new behaviors: Fade out to mute and Unmute to fade in. This will always follow the mute behavior (End of measure/End of loop) which is set in the Device Settings menu.

  • The track will fade out and then mute if currently unmuted and the Action Button is double tapped or a mute MIDI command is received
  • The track will unmute and fade in if currently muted and the Action Button is tapped or an unmute MIDI command is received
  • You can watch how pretty this is in the mixer screen! The Aeros has some animation going on at the track level while the fade in/out process is happening!

If you change the master or track volumes while a fade is occurring, the Stop/Mute will still take effect but the volume will stay at the level where it was disturbed.

If cancelled, the volume will go back up to full volume. Sending the opposite fade command while a fade is ongoing sounds pretty cool :sunglasses:


The Aeros can now reverse a track, it is only possible using MIDI at this time (we are working on a new hands-free system to do this and more without an external MIDI controller)

CC:46 Value:0 reverses the currently selected track (or last used in 2x2), and the value # reverses the corresponding track #.

Language Setting

Choose from English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese in the Device Settings screen. You will find a small flag icon in the top right, press this to open the language selection. A reboot is required to load a new language.

Check out the Quickstart Guide in the different languages too!

Version 4.2.4 Changelog

  • A lot of audio pop fixes
  • Text too small fix
  • CC38 fix

Version 4.2.0 Changelog

  • Added language options to settings page (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese)
  • Added settings for fade in/out on unmute/mute and start/stop
  • Added reverse audio capability (triggered by MIDI command CC:46, Value:0 is currently selected track or Value: track #)
  • Added MIDI command “Next Track” (CC:41, Value:103)
  • Added setting to configure VU (volume) meter to display Main In or Aux In
  • Show firmware version on wifi update

Bug Fixes:

  • Disable BPM modification when MIDI sync ON
  • Fixed vanishing track issue
  • Fixed CC:113 to only select part

To try out this firmware, update with the SD card (note: the SD card must be between 4-32 GB in capacity): Download this file , rename the downloaded file (currently named aeros-4.2.4.bin) to aeros.bin and then place it on an SD card and into your Aeros before turning it on.

IMPORTANT: Turn off your Aeros BEFORE putting in the SD card. Putting in the SD card while Aeros is on and then immediately turning it off can corrupt the firmware file.

If you see any bugs, please report it to us so we can fix it! Please send logs to along with a video and/or a description of the bug. To learn more about useful information you could give us to better help you, please read this post on bug reports.

To go back to the previous official firmware, use the same SD card update method to install the last official version 4.1.5

Thanks guys, we hope you enjoy this!

What’s coming up next in Version 4.3.0 (this is tentative, some features may be added or removed, depending on development progress):

  • Loop decay
  • Expression pedal to control volume
  • Clipping warning
  • German language

Way cool! Can’t wait to try this. Are there plans to add any midi commands for fade, such as turn fade on/off, or fade individual tracks? Often, I’ll have several textured loops going (that are overdubbed with no seams, so you can’t just start them abruptly - they need to be faded) and I want to pull some in or out.

Would it be possible to have a midi command that fades then stops the selected track? Also, one that would fade in next track (if muted)?

We do plan to add MIDI commands for all these features, but it may not all come in the same update

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@DavidPackouz feedback
Jesus! All my previous saved recording are now playing in MONO!??
The new recording play in stereo and is ok but not the previous saved

Aeros is crashing when I use the midi “Home screen and Loop Screen”
Aeros is crashing when I use the “midi enter song list”
Aeros is crashing when i 'm in the song list and using midi “scroll up & down”
A video is coming about this crashes to SS support

Could be fine to have a fade time like the Pigtronix infinity from 0 to 9 sec

French traduction is a little bit mess (but don’t care I prefer in english)
Fade in french is Fondu
Fade in = Fondu entrant
Fade out = Fondu sortant

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@DavidPackouz Thanks I can’t wait to try it out. Any idea when expression pedal jack will be implemented for volume fade?

ah finally a multi-language menu! Thanks for the French users (and others) who don’t speak English. I will test this new version.
all that’s missing is the same thing for the BB and it will be perfect for us French people!


Hello friends!

I am trying to test your latest version (4.2.0) for AEROS.
ah finally a multilingual menu! Thank you for the French users (and others) who do not speak English. I will test this new version.
all that’s missing is the same thing for the BB and it will be perfect for us French!

Unfortunately, the sync problem with the pre-account is present again. Impossible to have a pre-count of just 1, 2 or 3 bars before recording.
Pity ! I will have to put the old version back until this problem is resolved.

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You mean that the precount is not
Wierd ?
Create a new song in 2X2 OR 6X6, check the setiings of this new song, go to the song setting and check the precount, don’t forget to SAVE and try

You need to have “Midi Start Recording” in the global settings

Pre-recorded tracks only play back in my left channel with clicking in the right channel. New recordings are stereo but not previously recorded tracks. It would be nice to preset a designated fade length as it goes very fast on a one bar loop. I worked around it by soloing on another track over the one bar. The fade will get nice when the bugs are worked out.

I reverted to 4.1.5 to get my pre-recorded tracks back in stereo.

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I’m happy I’m not the only one !


Thank you for this addition…it’s been a great help to me dialing in the volume from a second amp!


Fade in and fade out works perfectly, thanks!
But 4.2.0 stopped stereo playing after saving the stereo song. Just mono and left channel only. When you have a new stereo song created stereo mode works just fine. So after saving - mono. Tested couple of times. Please fix.


confirm only left channel output for all previous songs, really annoying going back to last firmware


And no reaction from Singular Sound ?

Just got mine second hand from a dude locally. Updated it immediately (big mistake) and I can’t seem to do anything with it. It wont let me delete tracks from the previous owner consistently and has crashed 3 times in the first 5 minutes. Horrible first impression.

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Rollback to 4.1.5
4.2 is bad, I crash a lot of time too, happy I’m not the only one

To further expand on what David brought up, because the Mute and the fade logic are tied, for now the easiest way to get individual track fades is to have mute fade always on.

Eventually we will add some behavior to allow fade to mute or unmute to fade in via dedicated MIDI that will work that way regardless of the setting.

Thanks for the question!

Not sure I understand either issue here, what do you mean by stop? A track can only “stop” if the song stops, there is no way to stop only a track. Let me know!

For the second, what exactly do you mean by fade in the next track? Could you give some more details?

Thank you for reporting the mono/stereo issue! It has already been reported to the dev team

Question, did you by chance include some of the logs from the Aeros that are written to the SD. Crashes are registered and we can use that info to better understand what happened and potentially fix the issue.

I will check if the crashes are reproducible, are you saying they happen every time?

If you would like to follow this as a request it’s best you make a new thread in the Aeros feature request category.

I’ll take note, thanks!

Feel free to give us more suggestions in French, but it’s fine if you prefer English

This is being worked on very soon, so not very much longer

Hey there, could you be more specific? What issue do you mean?


Feel free to make an official request, another user may do so first however. We may not add a multiplier for some time.

Hey there,

Sorry to hear you had a bad impression, but I will say it is not really a safe bet to use a beta version right off the bat, 4.2.x as stated in the original post is a beta, and an early one at that. If you would like to have a more stable experience, 4.1.5 is out now.

If you could please give me some more information on what exactly you’re trying to do and what your setup is it will be easier to assist you and understand what may have gone wrong.

You should probably do a Factory Reset to delete all songs that are saved internally.

There is no delete option for tracks. You can delete the whole song if it is not open and you are in the songs list, and you can delete the last part of the currently open song (by pressing the last used part icon in the left hand side of the Loop Studio Screen.

To better understand why deleting tracks works the way it does read here. In essence if you undo the track, you can record over it and this will delete what was there.

If you are using an SD card and you have it inserted it will capture information about the crash and possibly help us fix it, the procedure for sending us this is in the original post. This is a set of two .log files that you can send to along with information with what happened.

We did not have time to test this version very much as we got it from the developers right before break.

We do apologize if you came into issues but like we stated at the top of the original post:

We decided it would be good to get the feedback going since we did not see immediate issues, though we likely were not in stereo for the quick test! (Sorry about that guys, it will be fixed)

It would also be useful to know any changes you guys want to the translations, as that was the main goal for sharing along with finding out your opinions on fade and reverse.

Thanks for all your feedback! We hope to have a newer version to send you soon!

Hi Brennan !
About the crash log that you ask:
I rollback to 4.1.5 , but is the crash of the 4.2 still in the log map on my V4.1.5 map
or do I need to upgrade again and make the crashes again and than send the log?

Don’t worry about it for now, but in the future these are helpful

The Aeros only keeps the log from the previous on/off cycle and the current one. If you turn it on and off two times you can lose the log, it’s best right after experiencing the crash you turn off the Aeros and remove SD to copy log to your computer.

They are not dated, so if you plan on accumulating them, it is best you either rename them or file them

There is no need for you to keep them after sending it to us.