Aeros Firmware 5.0.x

Indeed, I dit something wrong. Sorry
What a great machine!!!

Aeros could stop anytime as this box is packed with all that is needed
Nice work. I have no problems.
If it had panning it would be the ultimate looper

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I vote for larger fonts in the song list. It’s hard to see when standing and the Aeros is on the floor.


By a midi maestro and keep it on a stand
mine lives on my desk

I have a Maestro and I’m considering putting the Aeros on a stand, but not a preferred solution.

It works well for me and may get a 2nd maestro

We are now at March 23rd and still no firmware over wifi update possible. Mine still says 4.3 up to date.

Any update on firmware update to 5.0 over wifi or is it still a beta?


Still in betta and no issues for me

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Looks as though many are satisfied with the looper. Hardly any posts.
100 percent for me
Nice job and well worth the wait
My daw collects dust

Hi there. Just picked up the Aeros Gold the other day and tried the 5.0.3 and I must be missing something. I want to be able to record new parts in 6x6 mode and to be able to toggle seamlessly between the different parts. Presently, every time I hit ‘next part’ it records a new part (as I assume it should since auto song part change is selected). How do I move between different song parts without recording new parts?

Maybe try a factory reset

You need to press 2 times ex:
You have a recording on Part 1 &2 , if you press next part , Aeros start a recording on part 3
You need to press 2 times to comeback on part 1 or 3 times to comeback on part 2

Thank you for the tip, NYHC. I can get it to navigate to different parts now. It still records, lays down a new track every time I navigate to a different part. Is that how it’s supposed to work? I’d imagine there’s a way to move to another part without recording, no? And then hit new track to lay down more on the part?

You mean every time you change a part, this start a TRACK recording?
Are you sure you are on 5.0.3 ? check on the Aeros “update” section.
Are you using a midi controller ,

Thanks for your help, NYCH. I turned ‘new part record’ off and now things are working fine. Just took me a little bit to understand the workflow and selecting the parts. User error. Now that I’m getting used to things, I’m loving the Aeros over my old Boomerang looper. The ability to have different length tracks inside of parts is a huge deal. The small red and white bars that indicate what’s coming next is also super helpful. There are a few minor things I’m trying to figure out workflow-wise. But I’m impressed with this unit. Thanks again for your help.

All the features here, 5.0.2 aswell
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