Aeros Firmware 5.2.x


I just installed the 5.2.0 beta and the updated UIs look great.

  • Song dashboard with larger font for Song Title is great. Nice touch with the scrolling title.
  • Set List UI: again, great job with the larger font. It appears that previously the UI could show 4 songs, but now it is about 3.5? This is absolutely no problem and an obvious consequence of going with a larger font. Again, nice touch with the scrolling tiles.
  • Green highlight on the song list UI makes navigating the list much easier.
  • Albums UI: you changed the default selection from the “add” option to the first listed album. This is great. I have only one album, so this saves the additional work to select the album using the roller control with my foot, which can be hard to do on stage.
  • To my surprise, my issues with time signature seem to have been fixed. Previously, if I configured a song to anything other than 4/4, then all songs would update to the non-4/4 time signature. I confirmed this morning that I can happily change a song to 6/4, 6/8, and 5/4 and no other songs are affected. This was a huge pain to workaround, so I’m very happy to see this fixed.

Great work and thanks again for the constant improvements and listening to your customers.



I’ve loaded 5.2 and it works great. Today I’m playing around with the backing tracks feature. First issue I encountered is that my imported track is a half step lower in key and slower in tempo than the wav file that Aeros is importing. Any ideas on how to get the tempo and key correct?

Set quantize Off in song settings

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Big thanks for the increased responsiveness on the slide out → Mixer screen. It’s noticeably faster than the previous firmware.

Excellent upgrade all around.

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It was off. The fix was the correct sample rate of 44.1 of the wav file. It was at 48. Thanks for responding…


Where can we find the manual for this version please?

Top of this thread. Welcome to the forum btw.
They’ll likely wait to do any more than that until it’s outta Beta phase.

Thanks for the welcome! I already looked for the manual on the OP, and did a search on this whole thread for “manual”, but it can’t be found here.

Thanks NYHC, but I do have the 5.1.1 version manual. I was looking for the 5.2 specific.

You need to wait because the 5.2 is a beta version
But you can check the change log on the post above or
check this videos for the new features if you like to hear a bad english


How is everyone’s experience with the 5.2 beta? I sold my Aeros awhile back but am reconsidering buying a Gold Edition. Clicks and pops gone? Stability good? Seems like Aeros could be one of the best loopers out there and I’ve owned almost all of them.

I recently switched from the RC-600. The Aeros, with a Midi Maestro and a Beat Buddy if you like to use drum sounds is a great set-up, the best in my opinion after using the Boomerang and then RC-600 set-up. It may not have the routing options of the RC-600, but I’m fine with my guitars into one stereo input and my microphone into the Auxiliary. I use a switch to toggle mic/aux recording on/off. It is simple to use and switching/recording parts/tracks is seamless. I spent days with my face inside the RC-600 manual and I couldn’t stand that. I’ve got the gold edition of both. Clicks and pops are gone as far as I can tell. Stability is great. I love the way parts perfectly sync. I’m new to it, but very excited about creating a one man looping act. In the past I’ve played in bands (I’m mainly a modern jazz player) but I’ve done a one man band using backing tracks for variety stuff and gigs that pay better. I’m going to give a go at NOT using backing tracks, but you can add them to the Aeros if you so desire. Best of luck on your decision. Singular Sound support has been great in helping me get started.


Thanks for sharing your perspective. I’ve been mostly using Loopy Pro the last year but want to get away from having to rely on an iPad onstage. I’ve also used the RC-600 a lot. I actually find the RC-600 pretty good but the Aeros has a unique workflow that is great for fast loop building. I went through a stage a few years ago of using some backing tracks mixed with live looping but I do everything live now and find it much more fun and free feeling while performing. If I were to use the Aeros I would route things very similar but would use a small mixer to route my guitar and Roland Handsonic into the two Aeros line inputs then a Boss VE-500 routing my mic into the Aux.

Actually I watched a few of your Youtube videos on the Aeros when you had it and they helped me out. Thanks for that. Loopy Pro would be great, especially when the Mac OS version comes out because you could use your plug-ins and synths/keys etc. from the computer in your performances. But keeping things simple for now, Aeros is still my preferred process and as you said it is great for fast loop building. Reliance on iPad or computer is the main issue with LP.

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Glad they were helpful! I have a lot of thinking to do. I play a lot of outdoors gigs and iPad in the sun is a real problem


How long is it likely to be before this is a production release? Cheers.


This might be a stupid question, but why 2 mixers? 1 and 2? thanks in advance ,as always.

One mixer for INPUT/recording levels
the other for OUTPUT/playback levels

Seems like the two mixers could have been combined into one page (or a basic and advanced page where even he basic page has both input and output control (but not fine grained).