Aeros Firmware 5.2.x

Found a bug / freeze, was able to reproduce it multiple times. These are the steps:

  • boot the device (5.2.0) → Home screen
  • click in this order: Songs-> Internal → Album SONGS
  • click the ‘+’ to create a new song
  • click the arrow BACK in the upper left corner because you didn’t actually want to create a new song :smiley:
    → Aeros Looper frozen (photo attached)

Just tested 2 times on mine (silver edition) and no problem !

and another one: I have the MUTE function in the first spot of the stopped slide out menu, so I can ‘pre-mute’ tracks before starting the playback again. When I first open up the slide out menu the ‘mute bottom track’ option, which would be on the middle button doesn’t work. The ‘mute top track’ option always works. I suspect it has something to do with not all the menu entries having options for the middle button?

Steps to reproduce:

  • load up a new 2x2 song with backing tracks in both tracks

  • play / stop as often as you want

  • open slide out menu with the left button

  • MUTE is already selected, since its the first entry in the menu

  • the middle button (mute bottom track) doesn’t work

  • as soon as you walked through the menu with the wheel and come back to the MUTE function, everything works fine. It’s just on the initial slide out menu opening up, that it doesn’t work.

Sadly this is the most important time, where it needs to work… :smiley:

I know I’m spamming a lot in this forum for the last 24 hours, hope that’s fine. If not, just tell me to shut up :smiley: Love the AEROS so far and since I make my money playing a loop station, I’m kind of emotionally invested. I definitely appreciate the forum and the opportunities for communication VERY MUCH!! Thank you!


Are we close to an official release date for 5.2?
Looks like it’s finally for everything I need.