Panoramic for each tracks

Is it possible to have panoramic for each tracks on the mixing page?
When you use the right channel for guitar and the left for mic, you have to separate signals you want to loop. If you don’t have panoramics, you record both guitar and mic each time.
If the track 1 as the panoramic full to the right, the track 1 record only the guitar.
If the track 2 as the panoramic full to the left, the track 2 record only the mic.
The panoramic will be useful for us. It’s the same philosophy with each tracks and the panoramic of the EHX 96000.

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+1 on this. This is useful, even if it’s only one instrument, too.

I like this idea. I’ll put it on our development timeline. Probably won’t be in the next 2 months though.

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Thanks, It will be a great feature that will open up many possibilities of looping.
If you want other ideas :wink:

@DavidPackouz could you tell me something about it? Is it ready for the next update ?