Panoramic for each tracks

Is it possible to have panoramic for each tracks on the mixing page?
When you use the right channel for guitar and the left for mic, you have to separate signals you want to loop. If you don’t have panoramics, you record both guitar and mic each time.
If the track 1 as the panoramic full to the right, the track 1 record only the guitar.
If the track 2 as the panoramic full to the left, the track 2 record only the mic.
The panoramic will be useful for us. It’s the same philosophy with each tracks and the panoramic of the EHX 96000.


+1 on this. This is useful, even if it’s only one instrument, too.

I like this idea. I’ll put it on our development timeline. Probably won’t be in the next 2 months though.


Thanks, It will be a great feature that will open up many possibilities of looping.
If you want other ideas :wink:

@DavidPackouz could you tell me something about it? Is it ready for the next update ?

As I create ambient soundscapes, control over the location of sounds in the stereo image is hugely important.

Panning with the footscroll wheel would be amazingly helpful …in the mixer screen, if there were a button to select between VOLUME and PAN for the current track, I’d be all set.

This would set the Aeros apart in a whole new way.

Will be watching carefully for news about progress.


I’m realizing there are two dimensions to the prospective panning capability – each one potentially quite powerful and useful:

  1. Panning a track during Playback (with all overdubs) across the LR field of the outputs. This is the typical sense of a panning capability.

  2. Even more powerful, though, would be Panning during Recording … so that each track and even the overdubs on tracks could be separated in the LR space. I’ve been experimenting with this using my mixer, and I love the way it helps each track and overdub have a space of its own in the spectrum. I can make a two track song use 4 or more performances that remain distinct in the playback mix.

I hope that the development team will test and consider both these panning capabilities as Aeros evolves. Having both would be incredible for the music I want to create.




Panning would fit with my other feature request, that users could create blank song templates that would pre-Set things like:

Song type 2 or 6 part)
Lengths of some of the tracks (in bars)…for recording and playback …so I could say track one records for 16 bars, then plays that back in a 64 bar loop.

Panning setting on inputs to each track…so I might plan track 1 bass,centered.track 2 rhythm, off center…to the right…track 3 claps…extreme left…etc

And panning settings on the output for each track

Panoramic is the basis of the mix, it’s completely crazy that there is none on a stereo looper.


Please don’t forget to put it « in-dev-timeline » :

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I will get there soon, I am taking my time to read from all past to most recent posts as a means of organization, I promise you I will get here and respond adequately when I do.
We are definitely looking into panning soon, but I have not read the entire thread here yet.


Sorry to have so many little posts on this Panning topic - but I’ve been experimenting and learning what would really be the most valuable (and maybe easiest to implement).

I think the biggest impact of Panning is BEFORE RECORDING of each track or overdub, as it lets you adjust the placement of that new audio in the stereo spectrum. Panning of already-recorded tracks with overdubs limits the stereo placement options, as the audio is already merged.

Using external panning, I’ve made recordings of 2 tracks, with, let’s say, 3 overdubs each. If that was just flat stereo, it’d be OK … but with pre-record panning, I can have audio in 6 different places in the stereo mix - making it much better.

Pre-record panning might be easy to implement - using the Loop Volume control (when the looper is idle or in playback mode, not in the Mixer) to display a L ----±--------------R image. Moving the footknob slides the + to the right spot in the spectrum, and that’s where the next track or overdub will land in the Stereo.

This would remove any need to pan in the mixer during playback of tracks … as the panning is already done, the mixer could stay focused on volume levels.

Not trying to tell you what to do – just wanted to provide something concrete about a requirement that’s kind of fuzzy to nail down.

You’ll roll this in with everything else you see and learn to figure out what’s best.


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I think pre-panning is a great idea. Extremely nice. Because, in combination with overdubbing, hard panning (in pre-recording mode) could actually be used to virtually double the track count. Of course, it wouldn’t equate to a true 12-track looper, but you could use a stereo track to record two different tracks that could be - if hard panned - still separated from the .wav files. I like the idea. Honestly, I don’t see many people changing the panning of their tracks once the track recording has been made - does it really make sense? (it does ‘make sense’ if you are mixing on the looper itself, but I imagine proper mixing will require to pull out the wav files and use an external DAW anyway). Setting the panning before the recording, is very flexible (in terms of stereo imaging).

Something for the EXP IN - as a system setting. EXP IN = Audio Input Pan?

I think it would be just good to have panning that is adjustable before or after. Sometimes, i just wanna get it all in there and then listen and decide what goes where, best.


@audiosampling @DHallowell

Have panoramics on the inputs and panoramics on each tracks is necessary . A lots of stereo loopers have this and is not for fun. This is to not record the right channel and the left channel.

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This is a cool idea, I’ll pass it on, makes sense to me

Something to explore definitely

Ok. We’ll bear this in mind, thank you


I’m all for this. Can’t wait to pan the things.

+1 on this! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,
I agree with Thovy64 ,it’s absolutely necessary.(while recording or even post mixing).
I was thinking of buying the aeros next week when I saw that this wasn’t available on the machine so I will wait and see for the moment, too bad…

Do you have an idea when the panning options will be released please?
Btw I know it’s not the topic here but could you please tell me what is the exact sample rate and kind of converters on-board?