Tame volume increase in mono / stereo track routing

Hi folks - went back and forth whether this should be a bug or a feature request - eventually decided on a feature request.

Currently, when inputting a stereo signal through the L and R jacks, switching from stereo to mono mode causes the volume to increase noticeably. When the input is close to saturation in stereo, switching to mono brings in audible distortion. I think you can argue this isn’t a bug - you’re collapsing both channels down to mono, so logically it gets louder - but in practice, it means that recording in mono sounds bad. Ideally, selecting mono mode when both the L and R input jacks are connected would drop the mono sum mix by say -3 dB.

And now the other part of the feature request: mono or stereo should be selectable on a per-track basis, not a per-song basis. For example, there’s no need to record a bass part in stereo, but the guitar and keys should be. As you’re looking at volume/pan per track (and gain on the inputs!), it would be great to be able to set mono/stereo as well. In other words, all of the following should be assignable/adjustable for each track:

Mono/Stereo mode
Input (Main or Aux)
Output (Main and/or Aux)

And in addition, gain and pan should be adjustable on the dry inputs as well, as I mentioned in the firmware thread. Having the inputs be selectable faders in the mixer seems like a logical way to do this. Thanks!

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This is what i’m talking about :

Hope it’s comming soon. Input gains, panoramics, and levels are the basics for a stereo multitrack device.

I believe this is fixed

Sorry, but this is not how feature requests work, you can find the Forum Posting rules here.

You will find dedicated topics to your requests here:

Volume is already settable per track
Input (Main or Aux)
Output (Main and/or Aux)


Mono/Stereo mode feel free to make a setting for this, though it is unlikely it will work this way, we do have plans for allowing Aeros to work more like a 4 in 4 out device.

Because of these reasons I will tag as #batch and #fixed

Thank you!