Aeros Firmware V5 Beta - Midi Out feature

I have loaded up the new beta firmware v5 and I am excited by some great features.

One question I have is why the midi out options to send RPO and other start / stop midi commands is limited to when the Aeros is in midi master mode - that is when the Midi Mode is set to Transmitter? Significantly, when in this mode, the Aeros ignores any incoming midi clock and generates it’s own midi clock. That is fine, but what if you want the Aeros to send out RPO midi commands and transition commands etc. when also synchronising to an external midi clock? Is this not possible to feature? It would still be useful to be able to indicate externally when an event happens in the Aeros. For example I have a Midi Looper that loops midi that in turn feeds into an arranger (that provides bass and other sounds based on chords played) - I would like to be able to start that looper at the same time as the Aeros starts to record etc. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.

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Please do not double post, I responded to this on the original thread for 5.0.0