Aeros Gold Record button rubs and gets stuck (SOLVED)

The record button on my Aeros has been rubbing in it’s housing really bad and has become almost unusable. Does anyone know if there is a way to fix this?

If it’s still under warranty and you bought it in the U.S., contact

EDIT: The reason I suggest this is because if you are still covered by the warranty and you damage the switch from trying any of our suggestions, it might cause problems getting your pedal replaced.

If you bought it outside of the U.S., you could talk to the dealer you bought it from.

If you are no longer covered by the warranty, make sure there are no burrs on the nut that fastens the switch to the body of the pedal and if there are, clean or remove the burr or rough spots. Put a very tiny amount of Deoxit F5 along the shaft of the switch and work it it by exercising the switch; if you can’t get Deoxit, you can try applying a very thin amount of lubricant on the shaft using a toothpick.

Let us know how it gets resolved.

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Thanks Persist, I think I am still under warranty within the US. Jay at support suggested Deoxit too so I ordered that and gong to give it a try. Will let you know how it goes.

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The Deoxit did the trick. The action on the button is now smooth as silk. Huge thanks to Jay in support for the suggestion. I am really relived to not have to send my Aeros in!