Aeros hangs with loud noise and splash screen

Had my first major* issue that ended up with Aeros stuck in the splash screen with noise coming out until I power cycled.

Not sure if these steps help provide any clues to reproduce, but here’s what I remember:

  • Aeros and BeatBuddy loaded up on another song (think it was Rock 4/4) and stopped.
  • Create a new song in Aeros (defaults of 2x2 and 4/4)
  • Change BB to Blues 3 6/8 (This possibly could be swapped with the prior step)
  • Start BB
  • Aeros shows empty 2x2 with no button labels (empty?). Forget if it was moving with the beat. No waveform was displayed
  • Clicked on an Aeros button to try to start record
  • Aeros Logo displayed and ugly sound coming out
  • Wait for what seems like an eternity before I power cycle the unit

Upon reboot the sound stops, I edit the songs meter, and everything works fantastically.

Not sure, but I suspect this might have to do with the change in the meter from the BB.

There are a few issues:

  • Whatever makes the Aeros display the empty UI
  • Whatever made it crash to the splash screen (perhaps we chalk that up to the prior issue)
  • Not having some failsafe that prevents the Aeros from playing noise upon crash/watchdog/reinitializing, etc. A quiet crash is bad enough, but a noisy one…
  • Bonus points for allowing the Aeros to pass through a dry signal when it is not running. Not sure if this is possible, but it’s a good property for a pedal to have. Pedals die, but they should not take down the signal chain when they do.

*Note: We like to complain about gaps and bugs, the Aeros, still a work in progress, is quite usable. Your mileage and expectations may vary.

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Thanks for the detailed bug report! I’ll work on trying to reproduce it so we can point the devs in the right direction and get it resolved quickly.

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The other possible thing to check is if the Aeros was saving to SD (or still on the new song page) when I started the BB. I don’t think so as the song was still there when it restarted.

If related to the timing between a midi command (perhaps on background interrupt) and something else the Aeros is doing, then this could hard to reproduce.