Aeros immediate record

Brendan I saw your comments about immediate record whereby you stated that the aeros has to have a strong count logic inorder to sync with the beatbuddy which means that there is no immediate record
I find this is the biggest drawback in using the aeros live as I dont like to have to look down to see when the aeros is ready to start recording. It just destroys the intuitive feel
I was wondering if the version 5.0 update which includes the arm function will overcome this issue
I have the boomerang looper midi synced with the beatbuddy and you can trigger record immediatley.
If you can do immediate recording with the boomerang looper maybe this function could be something that can be enabled/disabled in the settings?
I like to be able to use the aeros but its just too tricky and I just end up giving up and going back to the boomerang

5.0 have the Arm features calling " Auto Record" into the settings

Yeah I saw that but have you tried it?

Hey Brendan I think Im finally starting figure this thing out…hallelujah!!

After watching the steve stine youtube video on how he did his setup

I realised you are best to have intro turned on and use the BB 4 count in to start the loop

Also when returning to the loop later on in the song I found its better to press play on beat 2 or 3 of the BB which allows the aeros to sync back with the BB rather than hitting play on the first BB beat which is almost impossible to get a matching sync( unless you’ve got a better idea)
I found this works best when jumping back in with the loop

Then you got fade in and out options

And delete on pedal release option so you dont get that awful playback

So finally Im finding I can use this thing on the fly

Just saying