Aeros in amp effect loop?

Can anyone comment on using the Aeros in the effect loop of the amp rather than in front of the amp?

I didn’t like the “pedal noise” of the Aeros in front of my Fender Princeton (I may be pickier than average about this), so I moved the Aeros into the effect loop of a Boss Tube Amp Expander that is between the amp and the combo’s speaker. It has a slightly “tinny” sound this way that is not quite right, especially when the amp is distorting.

The Tube Amp Expander is new to me, so that’s a bit of a wild card.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Should be fine in the effects loop. In fact, it’s a better position since it records changes in tone you vary by your amp controls.

Might try changing the Aeros input level setting between line and instrument level and vary the output level. Effects loops vary in terms of what level they send and receive.

How are your cables? Can you try another set? What happens when you plug the send into the return with each cable?

Is the loop mono or stereo and are you using the appropriate cable?

Might be an impedance mismatch.

That noise can also be the lack of a dedicated PSU for the Aeros! This is common when digital pedals share non isolated circuits with other electronic devices. Consider looking into this PSU recommended by users on the forum:

As to your effect loop I’m seeing that it is a Hi-Z input to use the return, ideally the Aeros will be set to instrument level. I truly believe what you’re hearing is the Aeros recording noise, it may not be the Aeros that is making the noise in the first place, checking your electrical system and how your setup sits in it will likely shed light on why this is happening.