Aeros in FX chain order


It might be a bit stupid question but…
I want to run the Aeros Looper in the very beginning of my FX chain in order to be able to tweak effect pedals and then record stuff in my DAW. I wonder if it would be an issue to put pedals after the Aeros looper? Some of my pedals I can switch the input between Line and Instrument (Meris), but others - I cannot. Does the different impedance on different pedals play a role here.

Here is how I want to chain everything:
Guitar - Tuner - Aeros Looper - VoodooLab Giggity - EHX Platform - Meris (Enzo+Ottobit) - BOSS EQ-200 - Eventide H9 - Meris (Polymoon+Mercury7) - Strymon Iridium - Behringer 1820 (audio interface) - Maschine MK3 (DAW to record final loops)

Any tips on how to be sure I don’t get signal loss / distortion or anything like that?

Aeros is “just another guitar pedal” as far as signal, so you can put in the effects line whenever and wherever it works best for you. Sometimes you might want to alter the looped signal (Aeros > other effects), other times you might want to loop the altered signal (effects > Aeros), and sometimes you might want to loop an altered signal and then alter that some more (effects > Aeros > effects.)


I agree with BlueSkyis,also if you use midi to control any pedals, make sure to put the Aeros last in your midi chain. It does not transmit midi as a master.

It doesn’t transmit it’s own Master Clock, but it doesn’t need to be last in a MIDI chain. I haven’t had any problem with running MIDI thru (including a clock source that I have coming from a separate pedal that goes through the Aeros and out to a second looper that is also synced).

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