Aeros keeps clipping?

I keep clipping the aeros input and I’m not sure what else I can do.

I’m going out of an fx loop on my quad cortex, I have the send for the loop set as low as -3 dB and I set the aeros to line level (which iirc is usually -3-0 dB) and it still clips with the louder notes!

In my quad cortex patch, the loop is after the cab sim and time effects, but the I dont think that should matter since I set the send level so low.

I can set the send lower but then I have to turn my monitor headphone on the QC up to max to compensate. It’s just obnoxious…is there something I’m missing?

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Hey there,

thanks for the feedback

We definitely understand this and are tinkering with a UI for input controls, we do see the importance for a level control before recording the signal, check back again soon!

I will tag as #in-dev-timeline for this reason

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Yes, i definitly wait for that !!!

Another upvote for being able to set global input levels for Aeros. Keep having similar clipping issues with AxeFX III.

Has there been any progress with the input clipping issue? I also have this issue, especially when tracking bass. The level meter does not show red but the signal is distorting nonetheless.

The new version 5.2.x will have input controls in the new mixer 2 screen, and the EXP will be able to be set to control the inputs. The version is currently in closed testing and will likely be ready to post as a beta soon!

Thanks for your patience

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