Aeros Latency for live sound (straight through)

Is there an official latency measure for the Aeros? Anyone measured the latency recently with a recent firmware?

A while back I measured it as 1.8ms and someone else measure it at 6ms. In reviews online it is reported as 1ms and <3ms in various places.

Background: It’s an always on pedal with no way to bypass and digital through, so you’re always getting some latency and preferably it’s as low as possible. None of these reported latencies are a big deal until you start adding other latency (from other digital pedals and even monitors) into your mix that goes over your personal threshold.

Sounds like you need a loop on/off pedal like the radial big shot efx. That is exactly what I do to bring in or out of loop the Aeros

The answer is 2.5ms, this number increased in version 3.0.0 or so if I remember correctly

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